Anything Horror Scott’s 10 Best Horror Films of 2014

Now that we got that unpleasantness of the Worst of 2014 list out the way we can focus on some of the films that made 2014 a great year for horror. I view 2014 as a kind of turning point from previous years. Surprisingly we didn’t get as many remakes, sequels, or 3D horror offerings as … Continue reading

Recently Watched Films Round Up, Part Four (2014)

As you can see I have a lot of reviews to catch up on!! I wanted to “clear the books,” as it goes, before the new year. This batch of reviews includes a couple of short films. Let’s get to it: I, FRANKENSTEIN (2014) Frankenstein’s monster (Aaron Eckhart) finds himself at the center of a … Continue reading

Make Your Resolution & Go Behind the Scenes

To promote their upcoming RESOLUTION, Tribeca Film has released a behind-the-scenes feature.  RESOLUTION is written by Justin Benson and is directed by Benson and Aaron Moorhead.  The film stars Peter Cilella, Vinny Curran, Kurt David Anderson, Emily Montague, Skyler Meacham, Zahn McClarnon, and Bill Oberst, Jr.  Check out the plot crunch: Michael (Peter Cilella) is committed to getting his … Continue reading

1st Image of Bill Oberst, Jr. Drops for The Dark Cinema

Today certainly is a Bill Oberst, Jr.-heavy day!!  First we get new stills released for his soon-to-be-released feature, DITCH (article here), and now we get to see the first still for his upcoming anthology show, THE DARK CINEMA.  The picture to the right is the first image released for the project.  Check out the press release: FIRST … Continue reading

Bill Oberst Jr.’s Deadly Revisions Completes Principal Photography

Principal photography for Anything Horror fav, Bill Oberst Jr’s latest horror flick, DEADLY REVISIONS, is complete.  DEADLY REVISIONS is written and directed by Gregory Blair and stars Bill Oberst, Jr., Mikhail Blokh, Cindy Merrill, Lise Hart, Ronny Coleman, Gregory Blair, Dawna Lee Heising, Shaun Gerardo, and Joshua Patterson.  Check out the press release, plot crunch, and trailer … Continue reading