Gallery of Fear Finally Lands Distribution & a Release Date

Back in early February 2012 I reviewed an indie horror anthology titled GALLERY OF FEAR (my review).  Well in my opinion way too much time has passed without it getting out there to the horror community.  But later is definitely better than never, and now GALLERY OF FEAR has landed both a new distributor and … Continue reading

Update & Stills for Mike Watt’s Razor Days

New York is no stranger to having some really talented people living and working there.  But what’s been becoming more and more clear every day and every time I start writing about the indie horror scene is that there’s a pocket of extremely talented filmmakers, writers, actors/actresses, editors, etc … who pool their talent together … Continue reading

Trailer Drops for Gallery of Fear

Here’s one that I’m really excited about on a few different levels. GALLERY OF FEAR, a new horror anthology, is written and directed by two of the strongest voices in the indie horror scene today: Alan Rowe Kelly and Anthony G. Sumner (Douglas Smith also wrote the screenplay and even anything fav Bart Mastronardi … Continue reading

Gallery of Fear (2010)

I think by now regular readers of know that I’m a huge supporter of the indie horror scene.  For the most part indie horror films are more original and their filmmakers have more passion for the genre than mainstream, Hollywood productions (there are, of course, exceptions that have been some of the worst films … Continue reading