Anything Horror Scott Ranks the Alien Movies

With Alien: Covenant being released next week, I thought I’d go through all the previous Alien films and refresh myself on them. Of course, I left out the two Alien vs. Predator films (for obvious reasons) and just focused on the five main films in the franchise. I don’t expect you to agree with my ranking–this is … Continue reading

My Six Favorite Bill Paxton Roles

There’s no doubt that Bill Paxton’s death has been felt not just in the horror genre, but in all genres. The man was able to effortlessly slide into any role and not just own it, but completely make it believable. Below is a list of my six favorite Bill Paxton roles. 6. Trespass (1992) What could … Continue reading

Vampires, Aliens, and Twisters: A Tribute to Bill Paxton

By now, it is no mystery that actor Bill Paxton died this past Saturday, February 25, 2017 due to complications from surgery. Paxton’s passing hit the entertainment world pretty hard. Over the past five decades, Paxton has become the go-to actor when a director wanted a solid, reliable performance. Whether in short films, TV shows, … Continue reading

Anything Horror Scott’s Favorite Crazy Mothers

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and what better way to celebrate this day than sitting down and watching some great crazy mom-themed horror films? Below is my list of the bat-shit craziest bunch of mom’s you’ll ever meet. Who are your favorite crazy mom’s from film? Who did I miss? Note that this list is in … Continue reading

17 Fun Horror Trivia Facts

by EvilQueenB Horror is littered with fun facts, folklore and urban legends so what better way to celebrate the month of horror than with some fun horror trivia. 1. During pre-production of JAWS producers believed you could just capture a great white shark and train it to do the shark stunts in the film. 2.In Steven … Continue reading