Murder in the Dark (2013)

MURDER IN THE DARK is the final film of this years 8 Films to Die For lineup that I watched. Overall, this year’s offerings were a strong, well-acted, fun bunch of films, and I enjoyed almost all of them. (I didn’t care for WIND WALKERS at all. I never wrote a review on it because … Continue reading

The Wicked Within (2015)

Of all the films in this year’s 8 Films to Die For lineup, THE WICKED WITHIN is perhaps the most unique. The film, directed by Jay Alaimo and written by Stephen Wallis, takes elements of your typical possession movie and infuses elements of a police procedural as well as a mystery-thriller into the mix. The film is about a … Continue reading

Suspension (2015)

SUSPENSION is another film in the 2015 After Dark, 8 Films to Die For film lineup. Whereas this isn’t the strongest film in the 2015 roster, it does have its heart in the right place. This is a psychological-slasher film that tries to offer something new to the sub-genre, but unfortunately you’ll see the ending … Continue reading

Unnatural (2015)

UNNATURAL is the fifth of the After Dark 8 Films to Die For movies that I watched. So far this year’s line up is the strongest lineup After Dark has offered, but I was feeling the void of there not being a creature feature offering. I so far watched zombies, a few slasher flicks, and a ghost … Continue reading

Re-Kill (2015)

I love this title and have since the first time I read about this film a few years ago. RE-KILL is part of the 2015 8 Films to Die For line up, and is–if you haven’t guessed–a zombie flick. I was a little concerned that we might just be getting the same kind of zombie flick … Continue reading