Teaser Trailer Drops for The 11th Patient

Since I first came across the work of Derek Cole, I’ve been a huge fan of his. He is, simply put, one of the most interesting, unpredictable, and exciting horror directors working today. I first came across Cole’s work when I watched The Mutilation Man, which he wrote and directed with his brother, Shane. This … Continue reading

Trailer Drops for House Shark

You read that right. House Shark. This is a shark that kills people inside a house. Yes indeed. Written and directed by Ron Bonk and starring Trey Harrison, Michael Merchant, Wayne W. Johnson, Nathan Bonk, Melissa LaMartina, Jennie Russo, Samantha Varga, Edward Mastin, and Brett Janeski, I think it best to just jump right into the press release: … Continue reading

Are You Ready to Explore Assholes?

That might be the strangest headline Ive ever written!! Assholes is the upcoming film written and directed by Peter Vack and starring Catherine Bo-Eun Song, Betsey Brown, Jane Brown, Ron Brown, Eileen Dietz, Jack Dunphy, and Richard Mark Jordan. What’s the film about? I thought you’d never ask!! Here’s the plot crunch, all short and sweet: Adah … Continue reading

AGFA to Release Cult Classic Effects on DVD This Year

Effects is a 1980 slasher/faux-snuff film made by some of the genre’s greatest minds … that you never saw. But now thanks to AGFA (American Genre Film Archive), Effects is finally being released on DVD on August 22, 2017. Effects is directed by Dusty Nelson who also wrote the screenplay (which is baded off the novel by … Continue reading

Trailer Drops for Puppet Killer

Watch out Elmo there’s a new puppet in town, and this one is a lot more touchy-feely than you are!! Puppet Killer is directed by Lisa Ovies, who co-wrote the script with Kevin Mosley. The film stars Aleks Paunovic, Richard Harmon, Lee Majdoub, Lisa Durupt, Kyle Cassie, and Gigi Saul Guerrero. Check out the press release below for more … Continue reading