The Final “Lost” Polonia Brothers Movie, Nightmare Vacation, Comes Home

First a perfect 35mm copy of Suspiria is discovered, and now this. A version of the Polonia Brothers’ film, Nightmare Vacation was found. Granted, this might not have the same impact as Argento’s film, but it will be good for a dose of cheese. Check out the press release below: FINAL Lost Polonia Brothers Movie, … Continue reading

The Horror Films That Shaped Me As a Fan

We all have a handful of horror films that helped shape us into the horror-loving fans we are today. Recently, I was thinking about the films that I grew up with that really sparked my love of the genre, and ten films immediately sprung to mind. I admit that not all of these are great … Continue reading

Lake Alice Drops of DVD & VOD this July

Breaking Glass will be distributing Lake Alice this summer with a DVD and VOD release (on various platforms) on July 18, 2017. Lake Alice is written by Stevie Jane Miller, is directed by Ben Milliken, and stars Brando Eaton, Michael Shamus Wiles, Peter O’Brien, Eileen Dietz, Laura Niemi, Craig Rees, and Brad Schmidt. Check out the press release, the trailer, and a teaser … Continue reading

Indie Horror Short Round Up: Seirens, Crazy Love, Kurayami No Wa, & More!!

Lots more short horror films to review. As I mentioned before, I absolutely love the short film format for horror projects. When it is done right, there’s nothing better. You can get combinations of tension, scares, great acting, great gore, and great storytelling. Below are a few shorts I think hit all the right notes, … Continue reading

1st Full Trailer Drops for Garden Party Massacre

It’s been a while since there was any news about the upcoming Garden Party Massacre. But it seems writer-director Gregory Blair has been hard at work and has delivered the first full trailer for his film. Garden Party Massacre stars Andy Gates, Nichole Bagby, David Leeper, Lise Hart, Dawna Lee Heising, and Matt Weinglass and promises to be a pretty fun slasher flick. … Continue reading