Dogged tells the story of Sam (Sam Saunders), who returns to his hometown to attend the funeral of a ten year-old girl named, Megan Lancaster. While visiting he tries to reconnect with his family and friends, but he starts to realize things have changed in his hometown and not for the better. As Sam continues … Continue reading

Teaser Trailer Drops for The 11th Patient

Since I first came across the work of Derek Cole, I’ve been a huge fan of his. He is, simply put, one of the most interesting, unpredictable, and exciting horror directors working today. I first came across Cole’s work when I watched The Mutilation Man, which he wrote and directed with his brother, Shane. This … Continue reading

Trailer Drops for the Upcoming Short Film, God’s Kingdom

I certainly do have an eye for horror!! Back in Back in 2015 I watched an eight minute short film by writer-director Guy Soulsby titled, Devil Makes Work. This is a slick, dark, stylish, and professionally made short film that really impressed me. Since I reviewed it (check out my review here), the short has … Continue reading

Indie Horror Short Round Up: Seirens, Crazy Love, Kurayami No Wa, & More!!

Lots more short horror films to review. As I mentioned before, I absolutely love the short film format for horror projects. When it is done right, there’s nothing better. You can get combinations of tension, scares, great acting, great gore, and great storytelling. Below are a few shorts I think hit all the right notes, … Continue reading

Horror Short Round-Up: Abed, Mr. Spontaneous, Tasha and Friends, & Many More!!

Well, the kids were gone over the weekend and my girlfriend is out of town. What’s a horror-loving guy to do? That’s right, I watched 18 horror short films that I’ve had in my in-box for way too long. I’m not going to review all 18 of these horror shorts (trust me, most of them were … Continue reading