Teaser Trailer Drops for Horror Documentary, Horror Icon: Inside Michael’s Mask With Tony Moran

The teaser trailer recently dropped for the upcoming horror documentary, HORROR ICON: INSIDE MICHAEL’S MASK WITH TONY MORAN. The documentary is directed by  David Langill and Jordan Pacheco and explores the life of actor Tony Moran, who portrayed Michael Myers in the final scenes of John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN, including the unmasked sequence. Check out the press release below: Co-directors … Continue reading


I missed last weeks releases so I worked them into this week. There’s a few good ones in here. Let’s get to it. 4 URBAN LEGEND MONSTER MOVIES Three-disc set includes “Monster Brawl,” “Hunting the Legend,” “Black Water Vampire,” and “Werewolf Rising.” Now available on DVD 6 SCARY FILM COLLECTION Set during World War II, … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th Gets Release Date & a New Trailer

Say what you will in the comments section below, but the FRIDAY THE 13th  franchise is not only iconic, but it’s just down-right friggin’ fun. Even the not-so-great films in the franchise are fun!! With the failed reboot in 2009 (come on, Jason does not kidnap), and a new reboot planned for next year, Jason … Continue reading

Jennifer Lynch Documentary, Despite the Gods, Gets Release Date

This is a documentary I’ve had on my radar for a while now. Jennifer Lynch’s documentary, DESPITE THE GODS, will be hitting VOD and DVD this May 19, 2015. Check out the press release: ANNOUNCEMENT – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BRINKVISION RELEASES THE CRITCIALLY ACCLAIMED JENNIFER LYNCH DOCUMENTARY DESPITE THE GODS ON VOD AND DVD MAY 19TH!  … Continue reading

Top Horror Documentaries: From Haxan to A Haunting in Connecticut

As the third annual Stanley Film Festival in Colorado prepares to open its supposedly haunted doors, in a hotel which apparently influenced Steven King’s classic THE SHINING, it has never been clearer how the thirst for thrills in film and beyond has changed. No longer are audiences merely content to sit, popcorn in hand, and … Continue reading