Horror Short, Selfie From Hell, To Become a Feature Length Film

There’s no doubt that the short film, SELFIE FROM HELL, has taken the internet by storm. As of the writing of this article, the short, not even two minute film has 14,709,920 views and is climbing. IndustryWorks Studios has acquired the rights and is going to make a feature length film out of the short. Check out … Continue reading

Night of the Slasher Short Competes for OSCAR® Eligibility

The horror short, NIGHT OF TH SLASHER, has been making some very big waves and catching the attention f some pretty big names during its festival run. NIGHT OF THE SLASHER is written and directed by Shant Hamassian and stars Lily Berlina, Scott Javore, Adam Lesar, David Swann, and Eve Constance. Check out the press release below for the plot crunch, the … Continue reading

Check out First Night in the New House in its Entirety, Right Here

  The new short by filmmaker Marc Fratto, FIRST NIGHT IN THE HEW HOUSE is available to check out in its entirety, right here. The short, which runs about five minutes, is simplicity in itself. There is one main actress, Katelyn Marie Marshall, in essentially one room the entire time (she does venture into another location briefly). … Continue reading

Need a Halloween Date? Try Zombie Girlfriend!!

Here’s a fun little short film from indie filmmaker, Jason Horton. The short is called ZOMBIE GIRLFRIEND. Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Stay Bloody!!!

Interview with Horror Filmmaker Jill Sixx Gevargizian

From her first horror short CALL GIRL, to POLICE BRUTALITY and indie Kickstarter short THE STYLIST, Jill Sixx Gevargizian is killing it in horror and has become one of the front running faces of female horror directors. So I was excited to have the opportunity to catch up with horror director Gevargizian. We had a chance … Continue reading