EvilQueenB’s Summer Horror Reading List

Summer gives thoughts to beach trips, summer games, hot days and cools night. But, if you’re like me, summer consists of too much hot weather, too much sun and a dying desire to complete various video games I’ve been putting off for way too long. In between avoiding the sun and trying to look productive, … Continue reading

EvilQueenB’s Slashback Thursday: Horror Films of 1981

It’s 1981 and it’s the year that introduced fans to Sam Raimi’s cult classic Evil Dead, which introduced us to horror icon, Ash Williams. The sequel to Friday the 13th made it’s debut and we all tried not to have our heads explode after watching David Cronenberg’s Scanners. Here’s some standouts from the horror that … Continue reading

Slashback Thursday: Horror Films of 2010

Welcome back! We have 2010 horror films on the slab and there were several worthwhile horror films for this year. Here are a few of the flicks that got my bloody attention. Piranha – A small town is turned into a bloodbath when a small earthquake unleasthousands of hungry piranhas. Alexandre Aja’s take on Joe … Continue reading

The Horror Films That Shaped Me As a Fan

We all have a handful of horror films that helped shape us into the horror-loving fans we are today. Recently, I was thinking about the films that I grew up with that really sparked my love of the genre, and ten films immediately sprung to mind. I admit that not all of these are great … Continue reading

Anything Horror Scott Ranks the Alien Movies

With Alien: Covenant being released next week, I thought I’d go through all the previous Alien films and refresh myself on them. Of course, I left out the two Alien vs. Predator films (for obvious reasons) and just focused on the five main films in the franchise. I don’t expect you to agree with my ranking–this is … Continue reading