31 Days of Horror Film Challenge Ranked

Technically, the “official” month of horror has passed, but we horror fans know better! I thought I would do a quick rundown with a rank of the 31 horror films I watched during the goriest month of the year! 31. 13 Demons (Netflix) A group of friends play a D&D style game that holds a … Continue reading

Horror to Watch on Hulu…..Yes, I said Hulu

No, that was not a typo I said horror to watch on Hulu. I know a lot of people have bypassed using Hulu, due in part to the comfort food style binge watching that Netflix so effortlessly provides. Even with Stranger Things being the cornerstone of the site and even acquiring Cult of Chucky shortly … Continue reading

Slashback Thursday Horror Films of 2015

It’s slashing time and 2015 has its head under the guillotine. I have to say I’m actually surprised by the number of better than average horror that were made in this year (even if we did have to wait a bit for them to be released). We were graced with Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak, … Continue reading

Attention Horror Fans! 5 Inspirations Behind Your Favorite Horror Flicks

Horror movies do a great job of keeping fans like us on the edge of our seats, but how about before the movie starts and you see those five words – “Based on a True Story” pop up on the television screen? We see those words and know what we’re about to watch is not … Continue reading

EvilQueenB’s Slashback Thursday: 1999

It’s Slashback time and 1999 gave us a variety of horror to consume. We saw the sequel to the vamp fest From Dusk til Dawn with From Dusk til Dawn: Texas Blood Money. We had dueling devils vying for souls in Stigmata, End of Days, and The Ninth Gate. But, not to be out done … Continue reading