Blood Hunters (2016) … Death is in the Genes!!

Blood Hunters is a film I’ve been looking forward to for about a year now. So, when I got the opportunity to get a screener, I jumped all over it. This is an indie horror flick by an extremely talented indie horror filmmaker, and the description gave away just enough info to really grab your … Continue reading

Tsunambee (2015) … This One Stings!!

When you go into a movie with high expectations only to be let down (waaaaay down), you can’t help but feel robbed. Robbed of your time, of your attention, and of your patience. This is exactly how me and my kids felt after sitting through Tsunambee. When I received the screener for this film, I … Continue reading

Island Zero Drops Trailer & New Poster

The upcoming indie film, Island Zero has recently dropped some new artwork and trailer, and I must say that this one has caught my attention. Island Zero is directed by Josh Gerritsen, written by Tess Gerritsen, and stars Laila Robins, Adam McLaughlin, Teri Reeves, Anabel Graetz, Richard Sewell, Stephanie Atkinson, and Elaine Landry. Check out the plot crunch: Inhabitants of a fishing island off the … Continue reading

Tricia Lee’s Blood Hunters Lands Release Date This July

I’ve been patiently waiting for the release of Blood Hunters for what seems like an eternity. Blood Hunters is the third feature film from filmmaker Tricia Lee — one of the most exciting new voices working in the horror genre today. Her previous films Silent Retreat (2013) and Clean Break (2014) solidified Lee as a force … Continue reading

Tsunambee Coming to VOD this June

Sharknado. Piranhaconda. Sharktopus. All titles of movies that both make us cringe and which also make us laugh and have some fun. Well, there’s a new mashup in town, and this one looks like a humdinger. Tsunambee is being released today (June 13, 2017), and I don’t know if things will ever BEE the same (sorry). Tsunambee is directed by Thomas … Continue reading