Hack/Slash is Back!

Cassie Hack has been my horror comic book Goddess since I started reading comics, many moons ago. Created by Tim Seeley, Hack/Slash told the story of Cassie Hack, who becomes a misguided youth when her mother kills her classmates because they had been bullying her in school. Her mom is then dubbed “The Lunch Lady”, … Continue reading

El Gigante the Horror Comic is Here!!

You may remember a few years back I published my review of the short film, El Gigante (my review). This is a terrific short that is as fun to watch as it is gory. Now, the makers of the short have released a horror comic book based on the same character and story. Read the press … Continue reading

Justice League Dark to Have “Real Horror Elements” In It

I just love it when my two favorite worlds collide. You all probably realize I love the horror genre (obviously), but I am also a die hard comic book junkie (DC, not Marvel–except for Marvel movies). So, when I came across this article about one of my favorites, Justice League Dark, I just had to … Continue reading

6 of the Joker’s Darkest Moments that Won’t Make it into the Suicide Squad Movie

With the upcoming release of the SUICIDE SQUAD movie, people, your’s truly included, seem to have some pretty hardcore opinions on the new look of the Joker (played by Jared Leto). I think he looks like a reject cashier from Hot Topic. That, then, led me to think about some of the really dark moments the Joker … Continue reading

10 Gory Comic Book Deaths

After the horror genre, comic books are definitely my second love. I’ve been collecting comics since I was a wee one and nothing made me happier and fin from ear to ear more than when there was a gory death. When I was growing up, seeing gore in a mainstream comic book was like finding … Continue reading