New Anthology, Best Body Horror of the Year, is Now Available!!

If there is one sub-genre in horror that I find truly disturbing, it is that of body horror. From the master of body horror David Cronenberg’s films (The Brood, Rabid, Shivers, Videodrome) to Clive Barkers writings to the modern day short films of Andy Stewart (whose body horror trilogy, Dysmorphia, Split, and Ink is a must see), body horror is one of those sub-genres that can really get under your skin (=no pun intended …. well, maybe a little intended) and have you thinking of the book or film weeks after you’ve seen it. When I came across the new release, Best Body Horror of the Year, I was more than a little excited.

Best Body Horror of the Year is edited by C.P. Dunphey and includes stories from Gary Power, Spinster Eskie, G.A. Miller, and also a story buy one of my favorite writers, Sheldon Woodbury, who wrote the absolutely amazing 2014 novel, The World on Fire. Check out the press release, and definitely check out this anthology. We are drawing ever-closer to the Halloween season, what better time to scare and gross yourself out.



MISSISSIPPI, September 30 th , 2017: C.P. Dunphey, critically acclaimed author of Plane Walker, has collected 40+ stories from the best up-and- coming authors in horror for Gehenna & Hinnom’s debut collection, The Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology. From Bram Stoker Award-nominated authors like James Dorr, to bestselling science fiction authors like David Beers, the anthology presents no shortage of entertaining visceral horror.

Coming off the heels of an incredibly successful first two issues of Hinnom Magazine—one an H.P. Lovecraft-themed memorial collection—Gehenna & Hinnom launches itself into Late-September with unprecedented anticipation for their Body Horror Anthology. From tales of infectious diseases rotting flesh to cosmic horror stories of perversion and mysticism, horror readers of all audiences will love this collection.

See why Gehenna & Hinnom is quickly becoming the biggest name in horror. Order your copy today on Amazon.


author, Sheldon Woodbury

C. P. Dunphey was born in Staten Island, New York. He grew up in Southern Mississippi and had an interest in writing since he was very young. In 2015, he founded his small press, Gehenna & Hinnom, with the hopes to provide classic horror and science fiction literature to readers for affordable prices while helping establish indie authors into the mainstream. His first novel, Plane Walker, was released in 2016. He hopes to further his writing as well as offer authors opportunities to be heard and read, hoping to one day transform Gehenna & Hinnom into a powerhouse publisher. The sequel to his novel, Plane Walker, titled Heiron, is slated for release in late 2017.

Stay Bloody!!!


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