Hack/Slash is Back!

Cassie Hack has been my horror comic book Goddess since I started reading comics, many moons ago. Created by Tim Seeley, Hack/Slash told the story of Cassie Hack, who becomes a misguided youth when her mother kills her classmates because they had been bullying her in school. Her mom is then dubbed “The Lunch Lady”, but when her mom is killed and comes back as a slasher to continue her killing spree, Cassie feels it’s her duty to put her down. Cassie then takes it upon herself to take down slashers everywhere.

The series has spawned countless one shots, including a battle with Victor Crowley from Hatchet, along with 5 Omnibuses and a revamp in Hack/Slash Son of Samhain with writer Michael Moreci. Now fans can rejoice because Cassie will be reemerging in the horror month of October with a team-up with Vampirella, in Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella! This next chapter takes Cassie to Las Vegas on the trail of a slasher, where she teams up with Vampirella to help her battle the Queen of Hearts.

But, that’s not the only incarnation of Cassie we will see this year. She will also slash her way through Hack/Slash Resurrection. This finds Cassie living off the grid, but she is brought back into the slashing game when a new threat emerges. Seeley will still be a part of the issue with illustrating the cover art, but he has passed the bloody bat of writing to Tini Howard.

Both Hack/Slash Resurrection and Hack/Slash vs Vampirella will be available October! Check out the links below to pre-order these books.

Pre-Order Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella

Pre-Order Hack/Slash Resurrection

Buy Hack/Slash

Let me know who some of your favorite horror comic characters are @horrorevilqueen or you can follow my horror adventures on Instagram.

Stay Bloody!!!


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