Dogged tells the story of Sam (Sam Saunders), who returns to his hometown to attend the funeral of a ten year-old girl named, Megan Lancaster. While visiting he tries to reconnect with his family and friends, but he starts to realize things have changed in his hometown and not for the better. As Sam continues on a path for answers, he discovers everything is not as picture perfect as he once thought and the death of Megan is just the beginning of his nightmare.

There’s a big misconception when it comes to making horror films and it’s the idea that anyone can make them. Many believe it takes epic amounts of gore and maybe some zombies and they have a horror film. They don’t take into account all the elements that makes good horror great, but thankfully director, Richard Rowntree knows what it takes to make an indie horror film worth it’s weight. I’d seen this film when it was a micro horror short, with a total running time of 4 minutes. I really enjoyed the brief intro to the film and I had spoke with the director who stated that he was hoping to one day turn Dogged into a feature length film. Well, his wish has been granted and Dogged will be touring the film festival circuit with stops at the San Antonio Horrific Film Festival (where it has been nominated for numerous awards) on October 21st and The RIP Horror Film Festival in Los Angeles in November.

From the beginning of Dogged you can see how much care the director did in crafting a well played out horror film. The set locations were fitting and complimented the film nicely. Written by Matthew Davies and Richard Rowntree, the script stayed on point with character driven acting that was solid throughout. The film’s musical score really helped heightened the overall tone and added additional layers of suspense that are far too often missing from indie horror films. There are twist and turns all around in Dogged with a ending that will leave you discussing it long after the credits have rolled.

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EvilQueenB’s Summary:

Director: Richard Rowntree

Plot: 4 out of 5 stars

Gore: 7 out of 10 skulls

Zombie Mayhem: 0 out of 5 brains

Stay Bloody!!!

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