Romero is Back with Road of the Dead & Drops New Poster

And the zombie world George Romero created back in 1968 is getting a new addition. Road of the Dead was announced not long ago and will see stunt man and assistant director Matt Birman taking the director’s chair (Birman and Romero both wrote the script). Birman worked as the third-unit director on the last three entries in Romero’s Dead franchise and seems like a logical choice to helm the new one. Unfortunately, two of Romero’s last three zombie flicks weren’t that good. Oh hell … they downright sucked. No cast has been announced yet, but check out the plot crunch (via IndieWire):

In the darkest days of the zombie apocalypse, the last safe place on earth is anything but, as a mad despot uses the spectacle of high-octane carnage to keep control of his populace.

As Romero elaborates:

“It’s set in a sanctuary city where this fat cat runs a haven for rich folks, and one of the things that he does is stage drag races to entertain them,” Romero continues. “There’s a scientist there doing genetic experiments, trying to make the zombies stop eating us, and he has discovered that with a little tampering, they can recall certain memory skills that enable them to drive in these races. So it’s a demolition derby with zombies at the wheels, and of course the shit hits the fan in other ways. It’s really a romp; it’s great fun, with stunts galore.”

I’m just gonna be completely honest here folks. The Night, Dawn, and Day of the Dead films are three of my all time favorite horror films, but what I just read above about Road of the Dead sounds horrible. Like, really horrible. Zombies driving cars and smashing into shit? Seriously?? This sounds like a cross between Mad Max and Fast and the Furious with zombies sprinkled in. The film has not locked down its financing yet and I can understand why. I know I’m being hard on this right now, but race car-driving zombies sounds awful!! Even the poster looks extremely amateurish. What the hell is going on here?

This isn’t a scene from Road of the Dead, but get used to seeing a lot of zombies behind the wheel!!

What do you think? I want to hear your thoughts. Sign off in the comments down below.

Stay Bloody!!!

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