Horror Movie Trailers Re-Edited as Comedies

YouTube is a vast network of time-sucking fun. I don’t know why astronomers look out into space to study black holes when YouTube is a click away. YouTube has sucked countless hours of my time and left me confused as to where it all went. During my last “rabbit hole” adventure on YouTube, I came across a bunch of horror trailers that were re-edited as comedies. Some of these are downright brilliant. I’m not going to explain this posting to death. Below are some of the better horror trailers re-edited into comedies. It really is all in the music!!

John Carpenter’s Halloween as a romcom:

Silence of the Lambs as a summer romance flick:

Saw II as a family comedy:

Alien as a comedy:

The Exorcist as an 80s sitcom:

Stephen King’s It as a holiday family film:

The Nightmare on Elm Street films as teen romcoms:

The last two films may not be horror movies, but after you watch the trailers, you’ll know why I included Braveheart and Full Metal Jacket:

Stay Bloody!!!


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