EvilQueenB’s Slashback Thursday: Horror Films of 1981

It’s 1981 and it’s the year that introduced fans to Sam Raimi’s cult classic Evil Dead, which introduced us to horror icon, Ash Williams. The sequel to Friday the 13th made it’s debut and we all tried not to have our heads explode after watching David Cronenberg’s Scanners. Here’s some standouts from the horror that was 1981.

An American Werewolf in London – Two American backpackers traveling through England have their adventure turn deadly when they are both attacked by a werewolf. This film hands down has one of the best and more recognizable human to werewolf transformation in the genre. Landis also manages to add all the elements of great horror into a seamless well orchestrated film.

Halloween II – Now that Laurie Strode has survived almost being another victim of Michael Myers murderous Halloween bloodbath. A trip to the hospital is in order, but the fight to stay alive still continues as Michael arrives to to continue his bloody romp. What really worked was they leveled up the terror and the body count, which are 2 elements that make good slasher films great.

The Howling – After narrowly escaping a brutal attack, a young reporter is sent to a recovery retreat, but the other patients harbour some dark and howling secrets. Part of a long line of werewolf centered films, The Howling still stands ahead of the pack with it’s storyline and masterful special effects.

My Bloody Valentine – A mining accident leads a town not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but when some teens defy that order, the holiday of love gets a whole lot more bloodier. A slasher film with a heart, has made many a top list for good reason and it’s remake wasn’t half bad either.

Dark Night of the Scarecrow – When a mentally disabled man is accused of a crime he didn’t commit, he hides in a field dressed as a Scarecrow. However, his disguise doesn’t last long and he is soon killed by a group of vigilantes, that will later meet their fate at the end of a pitchfork. This is actually a made for tv movie, which after 35 years still plays better than most horror coming down the pipeline.

Did I miss one of your favorite horror films from 1981? Let me know @horrorevilqueen you can also follow me on Instagram for more horror adventures.

Stay Bloody!!!

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