Are You Ready for the New Horror-Comedy, The VelociPastor? I Bet You’re Not!!

Look what you’ve done, Sharknado … just look at what you’ve done!! Now any combination of mis-paired items are being fused together in the name of ‘campy cinema’!! Next up is The VelociPastor, and this is exactly what you think it is: A half priest-half dinosaur creature. The film is written and directed by Brendan Steere and is based off his short trailer of the same name. The film stars Aurelio Voltaire, Gregory James Cohan, Alyssa Kempinski, Claire Hsu, David Sokol, and Kurt Voltmann. Check out the original trailer this is based on:

It’s a cute little faux-trailer. Let’s see if the filmmaker has what it takes to turn this into a feature length film. Check out the press release and trailer below (which contains the plot crunch):

Adapted from a 2011 viral short of the same name, the film is a feature-length horror comedy and ode to bad-b movies of the 70s, featuring appearances from goth music icon Aurelio Voltaire and world-renowned contemporary artist Jiechang Yang. Because why not. It has a silly dinosaur costume in it, everything’s on the table.

The film is about a priest (Gregory James Cohan) who travels to China and is scratched by an ancient artifact, which allows him to turn into a dinosaur. After initially being reticent to use his power, he’s convinced by his hooker friend (Alyssa Kempinski) to use this power for good, and fight the ninja menace that’s begun plaguing the city.

Writer and director Brendan Steere reassembled the team that brought success to his 2014 film, Animosity, including cinematographer Jesse Gouldsbury and producer Brandon Taylor. Animosity was produced by Roy Frumkes and screened at festivals as prestigious as Fantasia in Montreal and Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival in New York state. It is available for viewing on Amazon Prime.

Here’s the trailer for the feature-length film:

Stay Bloody!!!

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