Justice League Dark to Have “Real Horror Elements” In It

I just love it when my two favorite worlds collide. You all probably realize I love the horror genre (obviously), but I am also a die hard comic book junkie (DC, not Marvel–except for Marvel movies). So, when I came across this article about one of my favorites, Justice League Dark, I just had to write it up. For those of you who may not know, Justice League Dark is the version of the Justice League that handles the more occult and magical threats.

It has been a long road getting to this point with a live-action version of Justice League Dark. The first notable filmmaker to get us all pumped up about it was Guillermo del Toro. As del Toro has done time and again, he gets his fan based worked up over a great sounding project, and then bails on it (At the Mountains of Madness, anyone?). After del Toro bailed, the news seemed to focus on getting an animated version of Justice League Dark, and we did (it was released in early February 2017). It had a great story, great voice over work, and was solid all around.

So what makes me so confident that we’re going to get a Justice League Dark movie now? Director Doug Liman has been attached to the project since last year, and he recently talked about the film in an interview with Collider. If you’re not familiar with Liman’s work, he is the man behind The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Edge of Tomorrow, and The Wall. Here’s what he has to say when asked whether he has a different approach to the superhero genre:

“Yeah. I have a really amazing take on it, that is in keeping with my approach to superheroes. Jason Bourne is a superhero, of sorts. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena, in The Wall, are superheroes. They’re very grounded, but the amount of training and stuff that soldiers bring to the field, they’re like Iron Man. If they open up another pouch, they’ve got another thing. It’s amazing, how resourceful they are and how much stuff they bring into the field. They’re like superheroes. So, I’m really excited, with Justice League Dark, to actually look at what it’s like if I actually tackle a real superhero, but it’s not gonna look that different from my other superheroes.”

In another interview with Cinema Blend, Liman notes that his version of Justice League Dark is

going to have real horror elements, for sure. I love early horror films, be it The Exorcist, or Carrie, The Omen. In the same way that Bourne Identity, I went back to the ’70s paranoia. There’s stuff to be mined from the people who have come before me that I’m planning to bring to Justice League Dark. And also the arena, my good friend Simon Kinberg, with Deadpool really pushed the arena. I’m never going to do something that’s straight forward, but I’m not going to do something campy either. I have a take on it that isn’t like anything else out there. At the end of the day I make character driven movies.

I’m liking what I’m hearing, and it sounds as though DC has the right man with Liman directing. There is no set date when Justice League Dark will start production, but you can bet as soon as I hear, you’ll know.

Tell me, are you comic book fans? What are your favorite books?

Stay Bloody!!!

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