Interview with Horror Beauty, Aleata Illusion

To continue with Women in Horror Month, I did an interview with someone I’ve admired for a long time, Aleata Illusion. We first “met” on Twitter @Aleata_Illusion a few years ago and I immediately loved her attitude and her passion for the horror genre. Enjoy the interview and go out and support Aleata Illusion. She’s as beautiful as she is dangerous and bloody!!

It’s great to finally have you on, Aleata. Welcome. How long have you been interested in the horror genre? What is your favorite type of horror film? What are some of your favorite horror movies?

I have been into horror literally my entire life! My mom used to take me to video stores and let me pick out whatever I wanted and I always went straight to the horror section! One thing I loved about older horror films was the box art! I can distinctly remember certain movie covers that I fell in love with like Dead Alive, Night of the demons, and Return of the Living Dead 3 …I couldn’t get enough! My favorite movies are; Bucket of Blood, Night of the Demons, Red Eye (Korean version), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Party Monster, The Neon Demon, Murder Party, Weirdsville, and The Man Who Laughs.

When/How long have you been modeling? Where can my readers see your work?

Oh man, I started posting lots of horror themed photos that me and some of my friends would take and people loved them! When I was younger we would make little comedy/horror short movies and of course I have a horror film blog! I transitioned from photography into modeling because I always got lots of compliments and everyone wanted to work with me on different fun projects. It was a great way to express my creativity and I love collaborating with new people! There are lots of places you can find my work.

Snapchat- AleataIllusion

Have you appeared in any genre short films, feature films, or indie films? If so, how did you get involved with those projects?

Only in the ones I have made myself. I have gotten a lot of offers for different projects including music videos but never actually got into acting. I’m very much into comedy and will be taking improv classes in the future.

I believe that you are also an amateur photographer, no? Have you done any model work on the other side of the camera? If so, where could we see that work?

Both my modeling and photography work can be viewed at the pages listed above.

What are your feelings on horror remakes and the seemingly endless offerings of horror sequels? Besides the obvious (finances), why do you think studios are so intent on continuously cranking out remakes and sequels?

I think Hollywood is completely out of ideas, that’s why they’re living off of other people’s work. I think people are turning more to indie features because they see that there are still people left in the world with some originality. I have so many friends in the industry kicking ass with new projects! I commend all the filmmakers left in the world struggling to raise money to be able to make their art and tell stories that no one has heard before.

I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I love your ink work. Which are your favorite tattoos? Are you done getting inked?

My favorite is probably the film across my knuckles because it stands for everything I love! I’m going to get tattooed until there’s no room left. I’m actually going to be at the Villain Arts Tattoo Convention this month (February 24-26th) getting my booty tattooed by Justin Coppolino! We’re going to be entering the competitions on Saturday so I’m really excited! I know we’re going to win something!

You have become famous for your uh, how do I put this …. for your famous derriere. Do you like having a famous butt? What is your buttock regime? I’m assuming there are a lot of squats every day!!

I do work out every single day and I get asked my routine on a daily basis. I love giving people advice about it and was even thinking about starting a fitness blog so people can track my progress and do it themselves! I think it helps motivate people when they see someone else doing it and getting great results! In a generation of everyone stuck to technology I think it’s amazing to be able to promote healthy living!

What would be your dream horror project if a studio came to you with an unlimited budget and said you could do anything you wanted? Is there a horror film you’d remake, a sequel you think needs to be made, or do you have an original idea?

I have plenty of original ideas! I still write scripts all the time! My life kind of changed a bit so I had to change with it. I always think about going back to film, always think about what it would be like, how much success I would obtain from it. Looking at the bigger picture I chose to study something else and go in a different direction.

I also know you’re a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. How has Buffy influenced you, if at all?

Buffy had a HUGE impact on my life. Some of the episodes still make me cry! Joss Whedon created a female superhero when there wasn’t many. I’m a huge fan of villains, but Buffy was the one hero I fell in love with! It’s so hard to describe how much you love something when you love it THIS MUCH! Buffy is my motivation, she’s the one who pushes me to a better person despite all odds! She is a special form of strength in a fictional character. And I love Joss Whedon just as much!

Besides horror movies, you also seem to know a lot about Japanese anime. Is that another passion of yours? What are your favorite anime books and/or movies.

I adore everything Japanese. I’m a Japanophile! Their language, their horror films, their manga..everything is better! If you notice the “BR” tattoo on my left shoulder you can guess I love the Battle Royale manga series! I’m addicted to the violent gory stuff, I can’t help it!

Do you do any writing? If so, what is your favorite genre to write in?

I enjoy writing anything true to life. Things that can happen that would cause your life to be an actual nightmare. Aside from just blood and guts, real life scares are what get me. The first time I watched the film “RX” I about shit my pants. It’s about these friends who go across the Mexican border to smuggle drugs back inside their bodies like drug mules. One of the friends ends up swallowing some of the bags for his friend and the bag bursts and kills him on the way back when they’re about to cross the border. That totally freaked me out. Even just the thought that there’s people that actually carry drugs in themselves like that. Ughh.


What is next for Aleata Illusion? Where can we see your upcoming sets, and where can we keep up to date on all your upcoming projects?

You can keep informed on any of my social media. I  work partially online so I always keep my pages updated. I currently have modeling agencies and other things to chose from right now so I’m not all sure what I want to do, but I have lots in store for my future! I will be at Villain Arts Tattoo Convention February 24-26 and also Hell City as a trophy girl April 28-30th! Come say hi!

Thanks so much for your time, Aleata. You definitely embody the spirit and attitude of the horror genre and I think I can speak for all my readers when I say that we all hope to see you soon on the big screen … in the horror genre, of course!!

Stay Bloody!!!


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