Doctor Deathray’s Sci-Fi Horror Cult Classic Vault

Greetings lab rats!

Since today is the Doctor’s first day in his new laboratory, I thought I might start off with an introduction to a new regular feature I’ll be writing for My little vault contains some of my personal cult classic Sci-Fi Horror movies that scared the hell out of me and drove me to the insanity and evil I love today! Besides, you’re all stuck in your cages anyway and lab rats always make the best audience. Don’t they!? At the end, why don’t you leave me some comments if you’ve seen the movie and what scared you the most.

Shock Waves (1977)

“You are now in the deep end of horror”.

A small group of tourists are exploring the islands somewhere off the coast of nowhere when their boat is hit by another creepy vessel and they become stranded on one of islands. Well, the gang comes across an old dilapidated hotel and they meet none other than Peter Cushing playing a former Nazi commander who was in charge of the Death Corps. Oh and guess what? It just so happens the Death Corps like to take vacations on the islands as well. This island, to be precise.

The Death Corps aren’t your ordinary SS baddies. These are Nazi zombies who really enjoy water sports, and hey, if your gonna be an undead Nazi zombie, you better be a BLONDE undead Nazi zombie who enjoys water sports! Our castaways find themselves fighting for their lives to get away from the Death Corps, who have now risen from the water and are stalking our tourists for some creepy swim buddy action.

The movie was directed by Ken Wiederhorn and stars both John Carradine (as the salty boat captain) and Peter Cushing (mentioned previously). Also appearing is Brooke Adams, who would later star in the chilling remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and another classic Stephen King movie, The Dead Zone .

Obviously a low budget film with very little special effects, but the director does a great job of using the available assets to drive the story and create some striking visuals that are creepy and nightmarish. To see the zombies lying in shallow water waiting to strike or rising from the surf and knowing there is nowhere for the survivors to run is a great way to inject and build tension into the scenes. The music amps it up with the ominous 70’s synthesizer laden score. This is definitely one to watch on a dark and rainy night with your favorite horror fan.

That’s all for now lab rats. Stay Bloody!

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