EvilQueenB’s Horror New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the dawn of a new year and with that comes the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions. Sure all of us make them, including myself. I’ve vowed to eat healthier this year, but my willpower is fading fast. I promised myself I would go to the gym, which I will once I get motivated to do it. I also made a vow to myself to spend less money and save more, but I do need some more Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner. So, my resolutions are there it’s just the resolve I’m having troubles with, so I thought I would set up some horror goals I want to reach during this new year and I’m hoping to be more successful with these then with my other ones.

Watch More Horror! – Sure this one is on every horror fan’s resolution list and with the lineup of 2017 horror like Alien Covenant, IT (remake) and Jeepers Creepers 3 just to name a few (see the list of upcoming 2017 horror films that Anything Horror Scott posted), horror will not be hard to find. What I’m focusing on is the different areas in the horror genre. I had wanted to delve more into Asian horror for the 31 Day Horror Movie Challenge, but that alluded me. So, this is the year to watch more Asian horror! I started out 2017 with Train to Busan, which I did enjoy and there are several more I want to view.

I also want to get more into horror anime. I had originally figured anime was something I would never enjoy, but I challenged myself to give it a go with Tokyo Ghoul, which I ended up enjoying. Then I moved on to Death Note, which I absolutely loved and then recently finished up Death Parade, which I equally loved as well. I figured this year was as good a time as any to get back into it.

I would also like to explore more horror makeup tutorials and special effects. I know I’m far from a skilled individual when it comes to makeup or effects of any kind. But, I would like to learn how to make props for costumes such as Mary Mason’s bonesaw in American Mary, a chainsaw for either a Leatherface or Lollipop Chainsaw costume as well as prop weapons. I figure there are a lot of potential things to create and why not try some for the new year.

Read More Horror! – I’m talking traditional horror books, as well as horror comics and horror manga. But, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a very slow reader due to the fact it makes me very sleepy, regardless of what I’m reading so most of my reading is done at night. I really want to get back into horror comics. I really miss not having a “pull list” and visiting my favorite comic shop on the weekends to stock up on some indie favorites. I feel creator owned or indie publishing houses are overlooked because they are not part of the big 2 (DC and Marvel) and I want to shine a light more on their work. Although I don’t have a local comic shop any longer there are still other online avenues to use in order to complete this resolution.

Our very own EvilQueenB as Arkham Harley Quinn

More Horror Cosplay! – Which this translates to more horror convention attendance for me. I didn’t travel to any horror cons last year for differing reasons and I really miss being with my fellow fans. When I do get an opportunity to attend cons I do like to cosplay and every time I cosplay it’s either a horror character or a villain. If you follow my boards on Pinterest you know that I have a laundry list of horror cosplay I’m wanting to do. Pretty much the only thing that stops me is the fact that I can’t sew. But, through good friends I’ve been able to get around that….sometimes. I’m hoping that the few costumes I have on deck will be realized this year, which will lead me to have more confidence in trying to complete bigger cosplays in the future.

Make More Horror Friends! – As a proud introvert I’m leaning more towards online horror friendships. So, I’ve resolved to make more of an effort with people instead of just liking a status or by passing a tweet I would like to comment on. It’s easier for me to have conversations online rather than in person due to the fact that the majority of my friends are not into horror the same way I am and trust me we have all gotten that look from people when you do a full geek out horror moment on them. I’m hoping I can learn more horror from different people and help other people get into the horror genre along the way.

Play More Horror Games! – I know that’s a simple resolution for most people, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a terrible gamer. I’ve tried to improve my skills, but I feel I just haven’t advanced as a far as I would like to. I mostly stick to racing games and zombie killing games. Which means I’m really decent at Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 as well as the Call of Duty zombie sections. What I would like to be better in is the RPG games. Currently I’m making my way through the Bioshock collection and although I usually don’t play games like this, I’m more of a point and shoot kind of girl, I find this a fun challenge. Once I work through Bioshock I want to tackle The Evil Within, some Resident Evil and hopefully the new Friday the 13th game. I’ll be realistic about this resolution I don’t believe I will come out of playing these games as a world’s greatest gamer, but it will help me to upgrade some skills, learn some new problem solving and give me a bit more confidence in my gaming abilities.

So, what are some of your horror New Year’s resolutions? Let me know @horrorevilqueen

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