Lights Camera Blood! Gets a Limited Bluray/VHS Release


The homage to the drive-in gore flicks of yesterday, LIGHTS CAMERA BLOOD!, is slated for a limited Bluray/VHS Release. LIGHTS CAMERA BLOOD! is written and directed by Kevin Doherty and stars Alan MacKenzieDan Baker-MoorHeather Russell, Kris Scoran, and Mat Andre. Check out the press release:


SRS Cinema is excited to bring you the blood-soaked homage “Lights Camera Blood!” to limited edition Blu-Ray and VHS this Sunday night! “Lights Camera Blood!” tells the tale of a down on his luck filmmaker forced to turn to snuff films to live the Hollywood dream. It’s a fun-filled Drive-In style throwback to the works of the “Godfather of Gore” himself, H.G. Lewis, such as “Blood Feast” and “The Wizard of Gore”.



“Down on his luck and financially strapped low budget horror filmmaker Mandalor is the laughing stock of the film community. His films are terrible and the contrived, poorly done gore-effects make them unintentional comedies of the cinema. When he presents his latest effort to sleazy, exploitation film producer, Gelstein of Gorrific Pictures, with the hopes of getting a distribution deal, he is laughed out of the screening room. But the ever-determined Mandalor, along with his trusty hunch-backed cinematographer Rodney, set out to do another horror film. But on their next set, as Mandalor tries in vain to direct an intoxicated and uncooperative actress, he accidentally kills her! And when he realizes Rodney captured the dastardly deed on camera, he includes the graphic footage in his film. When he screens it to an impressed and delighted Gelstein, the producer offers him a multi-picture deal to deliver more gore galore! Now a wretched plan hatches that only filmmakers with nerves of steel could carry out, along with a hatchet or an cleaver… “

“Lights Camera Blood!” was written and directed by Kevin Doherty and stars Alan MacKenzie, Dan Baker-Moor and Heather Russell. The Bluray release will be limited to just 100 units, while the VHS just 25. There will be unique artwork for each of these releases and they go live Sunday night 4/3 @ 7p,m EST. A national release of the movie on DVD will be coming this Fall from MVD, and VOD will follow as well.





Check out the trailer below:

Stay Bloody!!!

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