10 Classic Horror Films Streaming on Hulu

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Hulu has really stepped up their game this year in providing their subscribers some great horror film offerings. Below is a list of ten of the best classic horror films Hulu is currently streaming.

Hulu rosemary


A classic in modern paranoia, witchcraft, and bad birthing advice!! The performances are fantastic, and Roman Polanski is at the top of his game.


Hulu day dead2


The third film in George Romero’s groundbreaking Dead Trilogy. This is the darkest film of the three (in both atmosphere and story), and this one also goes completely over the top with the gore effects. A damn near perfect film.

Hulu horror express


Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing headline the story of a trans-siberian train ride which has a mysterious creature running amok on it, killing all the passengers. This one is as fun as it is classic.

Hulu Don't look now


Looking for a meditation on grief and guilt and misery and the consequences of not being able to let go of the past? Look no further. Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie give amazing performances in Nicolas Roeg’s seminal work.

Hulu Brood

THE BROOD (1979)

One of the classic films that cemented David Cronenberg as the King of Body Horror!! THE BROOD is what happens when a cutting edge psychological technique allows a patient to physically manifest her mental illness. This is a story that only Cronenberg could have dreamt up!!

Hulu Destroy all Monsters


This is like the EXPENDABLES of GODZILLA movies!! All your favorite monsters can be found here being controlled by a race of female aliens who are using them to destroy all of humanity. Directed by the king of Japanese monster movies, Ishirô Honda, DESTROY ALL MONSTERS is a ton of fun.

Hulu Hellraiser


If you haven’t seen this pivotal horror film from the late 1980s in a while, then you need to revisit it. Clive Barker gives us something contemporary and gothic, cerebral and disgusting. This is an all around fantastic classic film.

Hulu Sisters

SISTERS (1973)

Brian De Palma’s classic film about personal identity, mental illness, and how to learn to keep your nose out of other people’s business!! Beware of the 2006 remake. Blech!!

Hulu Hellbound


Not often does a sequel equal the intensity of the original film and then go beyond it!! The scope of the film was opened up to include parts of the film to take place in Hell, and we get a better, more in-depth look at the Cenobites. This is an incredibly gory follow up that works on every level.

Hulu Drac Frank


I remember watching this one on Saturday mornings during the UHF channel 48 Creature Double Feature program. The story is crazy, it is set in the hippy community in California, and it stars Lon Chaney Jr.. Oh yeah, and the final fight scene is fun as hell!!

Stay Bloody!!!

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