The 20 Best Horror Movies Streaming on Hulu Right Now


Everyone always talks about Netflix when it comes to horror films and what is available, but no one ever makes a list about Hulu. Hulu is the go-to place for seeing current TV shows, but Hulu always seems to get the shaft when it comes to films–especially horror films. Here’s a list of some horror films streaming on Hulu that are worth your time.

Hulu saw6

SAW VI (2009)

The consensus here, which I agree with, is that there really wasn’t much of a story here, but that the gore was over the top. So yeah, I really enjoyed this one!!

Hulu Saw3d


Oh come on … we all know this wouldn’t be the last SAW film (in fact, SAW: LEGACY just dropped a release date)!! I thought this was a good “conclusion” to the continuing story line that added in some new elements.

Hulu devils pass

DEVIL’S PASS (2013; my review)

Renny Harlin leaves his comfort zone and gives us something really fun. Part real-life mystery and part speculative horror film, this one will engross you and keep you glued to the screen.

Hulu wishmaster

WISHMASTER (1997; Deggsy’s review)

A classic film about an ancient Djinn who escapes its tomb and goes out in the modern day world. Really fun film.

Hulu under the bed

UNDER THE BED (2012; my review)

At one point or another we all had fears of what might live under our beds. Director Steven  Miller gives us a chilling look under the bed and you won’t like what you see.

Hulu maniac

MANIAC (2012; Deggsy’s review)

A surprisingly solid remake!! This is what can happen when the cast and crew are out to do more than cash in on a cult classic name!! This remake is gory, scary, and downright disturbing.

Hulu minus man


Not your typical serial killer flick, but Owen Wilson does a great job as a killer who only offs people who complain about their lives. I’ve always looked at Wilson’s Vann as an early prototype to Jigsaw.

Hulu maggie

MAGGIE (2015; my review)

A slow burner for sure, but this one is worth your patience. We get a different look at the aftermath of a zombie outbreak. People are trying to get their lives back to normal, but one family ends up having to deal with a trauma.

Hulu collector

THE COLLECTOR (2009; my review)

Love love LOVE this film!! A bad ass killer, lots of gory moments, and a great cast and story. Don’t miss this one if you haven’t seen it yet.

Hulu 3headed shark


I admit that this film is on my list because I watched this with my 10 and 7 years olds, as we had a blast!! We did our own little MST3K. It’s a silly premise that is questionably executed, but it is a ton of fun.

Hulu girl next door


This is one messed up and disturbing film that you won’t believe is based on a true story. This is all about the evil that people do to each other as well as how easy it is to get caught up in violent activities. You’ll be thinking about this one long after the end credits.

Hulu barrens

THE BARRENS (2012; my review)

A bigfoot flick … kind of. Written and directed by SAW alum, Darren Lynn Bousman, this film takes some twists and turns that totally work. And just wait for the ending!!

Hulu avenged

AVENGED (2013; my review)

One of my favorite films of last year. This is a tale of revenge that be all accounts could have been derivative and commonplace, but due a fantastic script and great performances, AVENGED is elevated above the other films in the revenge sub-genre. Don’t miss this one.

Hulu hatchet2

HATCHET 2 (2010; my review)

Horror fans need no introduction to the HATCHET franchise. Adam Green but the fun and the gore back into slasher flicks. And if you loved the first two HATCHET films, then you’re gonna love ….

SCENE 58 / EXT HONEY ISLAND SWAMP - CROWLEY HOUSE: Crowley kills Winslow and Amanda, finale. / Photo: Skip Bolen

SCENE 58 / EXT HONEY ISLAND SWAMP – CROWLEY HOUSE: Crowley kills Winslow and Amanda, finale. / Photo: Skip Bolen

HATCHET 3 (2013; my review)

Enough said.

Hulu woman

THE WOMAN (2011; my review)

Perhaps the most disturbing film on this list!! THE WOMAN is Lucky McKee’s opus and will burrow under your skin and have you thinking about it weeks after you’ve seen it. The evil here is subtle. The horrors are cerebral. Don’t miss it!!

Hulu castle


This film reunites H.P. Lovecraft, Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs, and Barbara Crampton, and the result is fantastic!! Don’t even worry about the plot. Just watch this film.

Hulu centipede


This second in the trilogy is everything the first film wasn’t. This film is absolutely disgusting, disturbing, and gag-inducing. This is one fantastically twisted film!! But be warned–do not be fooled into watching the last of the trilogy.

Hulu trollhunter

TROLLHUNTER (2010; my review)

Big ass, crazy trolls shot in a faux-documentary style. I dare you not to love this film!!

Hulu tucker dale

TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL (2010; my review)

Perhaps the best horror-comedy ever made. But to be accurate, this is more of a farce than a comedy. Either way, though, this is one you don’t want to miss.

DidI miss any? Let em know in the comments section below.

Stay Bloody!!!

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