Saw: Legacy Slated for an October 2017 Release Date

Sw banner

I must be either high or crazy, right? The SAW franchise ended in 2010 with SAW 3D: THE FINAL CHAPTER. Right? I mean, it does say “The Final Chapter” right in the title!! Well, like any money-making horror franchise, ya just can’t keep a good killer down!!


Have no fear!! Jigsaw and all his whacky traps will be back. We’ll have to endure one more SAW-less Halloween, but by Halloween 2017, horror fans will be slashing their way to the movie theater for SAW: LEGACY.

The Spierig Brothers (UNDEAD, DAYBREAKERS) will be directing the eighth film in the franchise, and filming is set to take place in Canada this Fall. God bless you, Lionsgate!! The horror offerings around Halloween since SAW called it quits have been downright frightening–and not in the good way.


The Spierig Brothers are set to direct and the script was written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, but Lionsgate hasn’t released any plot details or casting choices yet. Hang on!!

Stay Bloody!!!


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