2 Recent Horror Game Releases

The horror video game market is booming, and that’s an understatement!! Two recent releases have been getting great reviews from gamers: DEAD BY DAYLIGHT and SIREN are definitely making some waves.

DEAD BY DAYLIGHT is Behaviour Digital’s asymmetrical multiplayer horror game for PC gamers. The game pits a team of four survivors against one of three playable killers inspired by common scary movie archetypes. There’s a chainsaw-wielding maniac, an outdoorsy psychopath, and the supernaturally gifted murder ghost. The survivors and their would-be assassins each come equipped with their own unique abilities that, when combined with the game’s handful of other randomized elements (items, objectives), makes the action in DEAD BY DAYLIGHT both unpredictable and, more importantly, replayable. Check out the trailer for DEAD BY DAYLIGHT:

The other recent release is the survival horror game SIREN (for the PS4), SIREN benefits from 1080p up-rendering, and added support for trophies, Shareplay, Second Screen and Remote Play.

Have you played either of these games yet? Let me know what you think!!

Stay Bloody!!!

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