Mermaid Movie, Beneath Still Water, Goes into Post-Production

Beneath Still Water poster2

There have been some pretty solid short horror films lately with a mermaid theme (SEIREN immediately comes to mind), and it looks like we’re going to have another one to add to the pile. BENEATH STILL WATER is a feature length film directed by Philip Kempson, written by Steven k Beattie, and starring Ernest Vernon, Matthew SandlandCharles O’Neil, Sohail Al-Mahri, Siobhan Webb, and Kerry Sirrell. BENEATH STILL WATER explores and tells the legend of the mermaid of Blake Mere Pool. Check out the plot synopsis:

Beneath Still Water posterJoshua Linnett accuses Laura of being a witch after she rejects his advances.

The village, more importantly Father Price, agree with him and Laura is drowned in the pool.

Present day­ a group of young adults are out on the moor for a weekend of climbing, canoeing and walking etc.During their stay, they encounter strange events and strange stories from the local community about a mermaid who lures men to their deaths in Blake Mere pool.

Strange events happen, people mysteriously disappear, leaving some of the group trying to find why.

This is a film to take the thriller/horror genre back to it’s roots, with creepy atmospheres and a few jumps thrown in.

This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the legend, and promote Thorncliffe, Blake Mere, as well as using local actors and crew to support filming in the area.

Now dig on the trailer:

Stay Bloody!!!


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