Get Ready, Gore Hounds, For Snuff Tape Anthology!!

Snuff Tape posterI have to admit that I am fascinated with the possibility of the existence of actual snuff films. I mean, there’s gotta be one or two actual snuff films floating around somewhere on the dark web. Right? But until that mystery is solved, I’ll happily convince myself that releases like SNUFF TAPE ANTHOLOGY is real. Obviously this isn’t a real snuff film, but the gore looks pretty damn good … and plentiful!! Check out the press release:


Syracuse, NY – SRS Cinema continues on a bloody path with the release of notorious “Snuff Tape Anthology” from German artist “El Gore”. The anthology depicts short after short of mind-warping scenes that’s sure to shake the most hardcore gore fans to their very core. They will be unleashed on North American fans this Friday night starting at 6pm EST, and is limited to just 100 Blurays and 30 VHS. A DVD/VOD release will follow later 2016 or early 2017.

Snuff Tape1


“Me and my girlfriend have killed dozens of people over the last years, worthless pieces of filth that won’t be missed by anyone.

We also captured some of our murders on video for a small group of like-minded people.

Snuff Tape2

But killing started to get boring, and so I decided to make my last dream become reality and have my girlfriend video tape it.

For ages, I have been dreaming of inflicting actions of hatred and lust on a corpse, and then getting buried next to this last victim.  So I kidnapped a 21 year old whore yesterday.  I will kill her, bleed her, then let her ripen for four months, in order to commence with my final masterpiece.

Snuff Tape3

These are the videos leading up to my last, most depraved act.”

There is no dialogue in any of these shorts, presented in an analog video style, which tell this story of madness through the actions of the killer. They consist of the following shorts:

Snuff Tape4

Snuff Tape 0 – Black & Died (4 min)
Snuff Tape 1 – Red (6 min)
Snuff Tape 2 – Red & Yellow (10 min)
Snuff Tape 3 – Dead, Red & Brown (24 min)
Snuff Tape 4 – Fast Food (8 min)
Snuff Tape 5 – Final Orgasm Extreme Suicide (11 min)
Snuff Tape 6 – Organ Trade Autopsy (6 min)
Snuff Tape 7 – Gore (20 min)
The Lost Snuff Tape – Dead Body (7 min)

Snuff Tape5

The Bluray includes a series of extras plus the bonus short “Paraphilia”. These are without a doubt the most sickening, disturbing videos you will ever see – you have been warned.

Order the limited edition VHS and Blu-Ray here:

Check out the trailer and some gooey stills.

Stay Bloody!!!

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