Check Out, OMG–Oh My Guts, a Comedy-Horror Sketch


From the press release of OMG–OH MY GUTS:

What if Leatherface and one of his unfortunate victims, Sally Hardesty, were childhood friends? Or Jigsaw and Lawrence Gordon were high school buddies? Would these infamous killers continue with their bloody work or just try to catch up, and maybe grab a drink? This is the idea we ran with for our new comedic horror sketch OMG, Oh My Guts, where two girlfriends, separated by their busy lives reunite in a creepy situation – under a sharp knife and a sticky table full of bloody guts.


Many people describe our style of humor as ‘The Mighty Boosh’ dropped in a bucket of blood. It’s weird, it’s awkward, and it’s gross!

I love this premise. Now let’s watch the three minute short hour film. Leave me your comments in the comment section below.

Stay Bloody!!!


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