10 Gory Comic Book Deaths

After the horror genre, comic books are definitely my second love. I’ve been collecting comics since I was a wee one and nothing made me happier and fin from ear to ear more than when there was a gory death. When I was growing up, seeing gore in a mainstream comic book was like finding a porn playing on basic cable!! So I decided to merge my two loves–gore and comics–and list my favorite gory death scenes from the comics This list is in no particular order.

comics blob2

BLOB EATS WASP (Ultimatum #2)

The actual event in the comic was so much more than Blob simply eating Wasp!! Ultimatum is a five-issue limited series published by Marvel Comics from January 2009 to September 2009. The series, which was written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by David Finch, tied in with all other Ultimate titles, and dealt with Magneto’s attempts to destroy the world following the apparent deaths of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. In this series, a lot of weird and crazy shit happens. Among many messed up events, perhaps the best moment is when the mutant, Blob, tears into the already dead body of Wasp as he mutters, “Tastes like chicken.”

comics rorshack


This scene is one of the more pivotal scenes in Alan Moore’s WATCHMEN. Besides being a gory, horrible death, this is also the moment Rorschach fully embraces his alter-ego and his mission to purge the world of evil. Driven past the point of sanity by the horrible realization that a kidnapper has dismembered an innocent girl and fed her remains to his German Shepherds, he captures the man and presents him with a choice–to cut off his own hand or burn to death. Well, it’s not really much of a choice, because Rorschach pretty much dumps gasoline around him and drops a match in the instant after the man realizes just what his predicament is. He then delivers a speech enunciating his nihilistic view on humanity and the world, which is arguably as brutal as the death that spawned it.

comic daken punisher1


“Dark Reign” followed the events of “Secret Invasion” and shows the shift of power in the Marvel Universe towards Norman Osborn. In one of the issues, we see that the Punisher is on Norman Osborn’s list of people that he wants dead.

Osborn relentlessly sends wave after wave of men after Castle until the son of Wolverine, Daken, meets him on a rooftop. While the Punisher does manage to lay down some hurt on Daken, in the end, Wolverine Jr.has the last laugh. In one of the bloodiest matches in Marvel Comics, Daken chops up the Punisher like fresh veggies before leaving him in a bloody, pulpy mess on the ground.

comic robin

JOKER BEATS JASON TODD WITH A CROWBAR (“A Death in the Family,” 1988)

Let’s be honest, Jason Todd wasn’t a very popular Robin for comic book fans. Todd was the successor to Dick Grayson and was about as popular as George Clooney was as Batman!! In the ultimate act of “You Decide,” DC published an issue where the Joker brutally beats the login’ stuffing’ out of Todd with a crowbar and then allowed the readers to determine Robin’s fate via a phone vote. The fans spoke and Todd then died in an explosion. This may not have been an especially gory death, but seeing Robin being savagely beaten by the Joker and then burned to death was pretty jarring!!

comic midnighter


“The Authority” series revolved around a superhero team called the Authority. Two male members of the team, Midnighter and Apollo, were lovers. During a battle, one of their enemies known as the Commander, who also happens to be a serial rapist, raped Apollo after he was brutally injured. Not long after, Apollo was able to severely injure the Commander before leaving him in the hands of Midnighter, who mercilessly impaled him with a jackhammer.

comics Swamp Thing

SWAMP THING TEARS A MAN IN HALF (Swamp Thing #4, 2016 series)

In this new Swamp Thing series, Alex Holland is tricked by his once good friend, Matt Cable into giving up being Swamp Thing. As the new Swamp Thing, Cable doesn’t realize his own strength and tears a man in half.

comics hulk wolverine


There’s a lot of really messed up shit going on in the Old Man Logan story arc, but none is as fucked as the storyline with the Hulk and his brood. The Hulk’s scabrous grandchildren murder Wolverine’s family. Enraged, Wolverine unleashes his vengeance on the Hulk clan, nearly butchering them all. Then Old Man Logan faces Old Man Banner, and during their battle Wolverine is beaten down and eaten by the Hulk. Logan’s healing factor, though, kicks in while he’s being digested and he claws his way out of the Hulk’s stomach killing him in the process. The image of Wolverine bursting out of the Hulk’s stomach, with green blood and guts spraying in all directions is arguably the most gruesome sight in this very violent story.

comics sin city


This death comes to us from Frank Miller’s, SIN CITY (oh come on, you all knew at least one death was going to be from SIN CITY!!). There’s a lot of bloody death scenes in SIN CITY, but this one in particular stands out from the others.

Start with Kevin, a mute, cannibalistic serial killer that mainly murders prostitutes and feeds whatever he doesn’t eat of them to his pet wolf. One of Kevin’s victims is Goldie, who is also the love interest of Marv, one of the main protagonists of “The Hard Goodbye.” Kevin frames Marv for Goldie’s murder, but when Marv eventually confronts Kevin, the serial killer is able to overpower and capture him. While he’s being held captive, Marv is forced to watch as Kevin eats the hand of another woman.

Marv eventually escapes and tortures and kills Kevin. He starts by sawing off all of his limbs. From there, Marv feeds Kevin’s wolf the body parts of his master. The whole time, Kevin never screams or shows pain and he dies with a creepy smile on his face.

Bon Appétit!!

comics sentry

SENTRY RIPS ARES IN HALF (Avengers, “The Siege”)

What is it with people getting ripped in half in comics?

Being one of the most consistently popular of all of Marvel’s books, The Avengers isn’t typically a book where you’d find such a gory death!! But in the 2010 four-part Siege miniseries, readers got a wonderfully bloody battle between Sentry and Ares.

The Siege mini deals with Norman Osborn’s plans to take over the world via his brand new government-sanctioned H.A.M.M.E.R. organization. Osborn uses his newly-acquired power to create a group of evil Avengers and manipulates the powerful but emotionally fragile hero Sentry to fight on the side of H.A.M.M.E.R. Sentry is overcome by the Void–the dark aspect of Sentry’s own powers. It’s a powerful, evil, and destructive force that has the potential to destroy the entire universe.

As Osborn and his crew attempt to take over Asgard, they face resistance from the Olympian warrior Ares. Ares and Sentry face off and after exchanging some standard punches and kicks, Senty shocks the comic book world when, while being controlled by the Void, he rips Arie’s body in half, spilling out his opponent’s blood and guts in the process.

Such a graphic and violent scene would be standard fare in an Image, Vertigo or Marvel Max book, but was pretty much unheard of in a mainstream Marvel book. But then that’s what made it so damn memorable!!

comics punisher animals


Garth Ennis’s Punisher run was a little less serious than other runs, but man did it get crazy at times!! In one story, the Punisher is forced to evade a number of mobsters after suffering a gunshot wound. He does so by running into a zoo and eliminating his pursuers one by one. The first is dipped into a piranha tank until only a skeleton remains. The next is constricted by a large snake. And finally, with only one enforcer and the mob boss herself left, Frank Castle jumps into a bear pit and punches a polar bear in the face. The bears are understandably perturbed, and take out their aggression on the Punisher’s foes. Ma Gnucci, the mob boss, actually survives–minus legs, arms and scalp–and is later punted into a house fire!!

Good stuff!!

Stay Bloody!!!

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