15 Horror Classics on Netflix Every Horror Fan Should See

There’s nothing more exciting than finding a hidden horror gem on Netflix. I’ve found quite a few. HONEYMOON, JUG FACE, and ZOMBEAVERS are but three examples. Netflix, though, has so much more to offer the horror fan than just the rare hidden gem. Netflix has done a great job compiling a bunch of what I consider to be “Horror Classics” in their library. Below are fifteen of such classic horror films that every horror film should see … multiple times!!

netflix hellraiser


A true classic by one of the Masters of the horror genre. Clive Barker not only redefined the horror novel and short story, but he also broke down other barriers, HELLRAISER is as fun as it is gory and disturbing!!

netflix hellbound


Although Barker stepped down from the director’s chair for this sequel, the film has etched a permanent spot on my “Horror Classics” list for sure. This film is full of disturbing images and even gives us a glimpse of Pinhead’s Hell and the machine that creates the Cenobites.

netflix reanimator23423




The adventures of Dr. Herbert West is something every horror fan should be well-versed with!! Who could ever forget the “Head Giving Head” scene??

netflix exorcist


Ask the most jaded, desensitized horror fan what movie consistently scares them, and the answer will always be, “The Exorcist”!!

netflix new nightmare


In 1984, Wes Craven helped redefine the slasher film. Then ten years later he did it again!! This is a fantastic meta-horror film that really keeps the viewer on their toes.

netflix nightbreed


Clive Barker makes this list once again, this time with a unique tale of creatures and monsters and the world they inhabit. Horror director David Cronenberg stands out among a talented cast with putting in an absolutely chilling and frightening performance.

netflix nightmare elm 2


This sequel to Craven’s re-defining original film is a classic mainly due to just how homo-erotic this film is, and how oblivious the writers and director were to this homo-eroticism. This isn’t the best film in this franchise, but this is a lot of fun.

netflix children


Creepy kids, a bizarre cult, and an isolated town all come together to make the lives of two stranded adult travelers a living Hell. There are some great scenes in this film, and after seeing the eyes of the two main kids–Isaac and Malachai– you’ll never be able to unseen that!!

netflix trollhunter


This may be the most recent film on this list, but this has rightly earned a place here. This takes the overused found footage/faux-documentary sub-genres and the giant creature sub-genre and gives us pure gold. This is a damn-near perfect film that I’ve seen over a dozen times and still love it.

netflix dusk till dawn


This modern-day vampire classic gives the viewer the old one-two. What starts off as a road film following two criminals after they commit a crime that went horribly wrong becomes a gory, action-packed vampire film. This is a hugely fun film!!

netflix legend hell house


This classic stars  Roddy McDowall who leads a team of paranormal investigators into the Belasco House to see if the reports were true and it is indeed haunted. Spoiler Alert … it is.

netflix scream2

SCREAM 2 (1997)

Wes Craven continues his exploration of meta-horror!! In the original SCREAM the cast finds they are stuck in a horror film. For this outing, the cast discovers they are stuck in a horror sequel!! Unfortunately, the original SCREAM isn’t currently playing on Netflix, but this film is just as fun.

netflix cujo

CUJO (1983)

A killer Saint Bernard doesn’t sound like it can sustain the plot of an entire film, but when Stephen King is the writer, you know you’re in for some brutal shit!! This film did for rabies what JAWS did for swimming naked in the ocean!!

netflix never sleep again


This isn’t a movie but is one of the best horror documentaries ever made. Clocking in at four hours, NEVER SLEEP AGAIN covers absolutely every aspect of the Elm Street franchise. This is brilliantly made and needs to be seen by any and every horror fan.

netflix pontypool



This is another modern-day classic that is lumped in with either the zombie or apocalyptic sub-genres, but this is really in a class all by itself. There’s a strange outbreak happening in the small Canadian town of Pontypool, but nobody seems to be able to stop it or even figure it out. The cause of the virus will blow you away!!

These are the Horror Classics that are currently streaming on Netflix. I keep them all in my queue and watch all of them over and again. What films did I miss that you think should be considered Horror Classics? Sound off in the comment section below.

Stay Bloody!!!

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