10 Fun Horror Films Streaming Now on Netflix

Netflix has really stepped up its horror film collection over the last two years. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to sort through all the horror films and find a true gem. Below is a list of some really fun horror films that you can find streaming on Netflix right now. Some of them are B-movies while others are more serious. Either way, I think you’ll have a great time watching any/all the films on this list.

Netflix Stung

STUNG (2015)

I had such a great time with this giant creature film that I was recommending it to everyone who would listen to me. Mutated killer wasps attack an upper-class garden party and total chaos ensues. The film never takes itself too serious and the entire cast does a great job and looks like they are all having a great time.

Netflix Dark was the Night


This somber creature flick hit all the right notes with me. A logging company releases something deadly in the woods, and soon the nearby town is in danger of itself going extinct. This film takes its time setting up the creepy atmosphere and slowly reveals the creature little by little (this film pretty much does the exact opposite of every SyFy-Asylum film). The film stumbles a little in the final act, but the strong performances by Kevin Durand and Lukas Haas saves this film and elevates it to something really fun.

Netflix Indigenous


Did you like THE DESCENT? Do you wish they made a part three? Well, they kind of did, and called it INDIGENOUS. A group of friends head down to Panama where they encounter something horrifying and deadly in the jungle. Sure it’s derivative. Sure it’s a little cheesy at times. Sure some of the actors overact a bit. But thus film also manages to entertain by not taking itself too seriously and by keeping everything moving along at a nice, brisk pace.

Netflix Wyrmwood


If you couldn’t tell from the title, WORMWOOD is a bat-shit crazy zombie film that manages to be hugely entertaining while at the same time offers something new to the zombie sub-genre. Yes, the CGI gore gets a little tiresome, but everything moves at a break-neck pace and there’s just a lot of craziness along the way. Don’t miss this one.

Netflix Contracted2


A direct sequel to 2013’s CONTRACTED, PHASE 2 picks up directly where the first film left off. I enjoyed the first film but thought the great setup fell apart in the final act. PHASE 2, though, further explores the idea in the first film–of a killer, zombie STD–and really runs with it. Now the infection is spreading, but it seems there is something more nefarious going on here. With more gore, a bigger cast, and more gooeyness, PHASE 2 is just the film to make your skin crawl while you’re having a good time.

Netflix Tremors


The story of the Graboids continues in this fourth sequel in the popular and fun creature franchise. In this outing, everyones favorite nut job survivalist Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) heads to South Africa to fight off a new Graboid infestation. But everything isn’t quite as it seems, and Burt starts to wonder if he was set up for failure. The same humor and creature effects that made this franchise so much fun are back and I, for one, had such a great time getting reacquainted with the characters.

Netflix Zombeavers


Another film where the title says it all!! ZOMBEAVERS has a preposterous notion and doesn’t really have much in the way of originality, but somehow the filmmakers made this one extremely fun. A group of horny, drug-taking friends head out to the woods for some fun only to be attacked by zombified beavers. The girls are sexy, the beavers are deadly, and the effects are gory. This is a really fun time!!

Netflix Blood Lake


Directed by indie horror maestro, James Cullen Bressack, BLOOD LAKE is a made for cable film that doesn’t skimp on any of the elements that we love in a Bressack film!! A bunch of blood-thirsty lamprey eels chomp through the fish population and when they get hungry again they turn their attention to the local human population. This is an above-average made-for-tv creature flick full of gore and action. Don’t miss this one!!

Netflix Horde

THE HORDE (2009)

This French zombie-action-horror flick delivers in every aspect. Crooked cops raid an apartment complex full of violent criminals and find themselves teaming up against a deadly horde of flesh-eating zombies. Violent, fast-paced, and gory, THE HORDE is a breath of fresh air the otherwise bloated zombie sub-genre!!

Netflix Harbinger


This isn’t a perfect film in any way, but there’s a lot of fun to be had with HARBINGER DOWN. This is more of a remake of Carpenter’s THE THING than the 2011 remake was, and as it happens, the creature effects in this film were originally intended for the 2011 remake but the filmmakers decided to go with using more CGI. So the special effects studio turned to Kickstarter and got the funds to make HARBINGER DOWN. The story is very reminiscent of THE THING and so are the creature effects. Try this one out and give it a shot. I think you’ll enjoy it!!

What are your favorite horror films streaming now on Netflix? Sound off in the comments section below.

Stay Bloody!!!

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