Get All Hopped Up on Easter Bunny Bloodbath

Ready for Easter? Ready for some Easter horrors? Well, you’re in luck. EASTER BUNNY BLOODBATH is here and ready for viewing this Easter holiday season. EASTER BUNNY BLOODBATH is written and directed by Richard Mogg and stars Shayan Bayat,  Meghan Kinsley,  Travis Turner, Adrian Daniels, Laura Hope, and Jessica Hill. Check out the press release and plot crunch:

Easter Bunny Massacre1

“Easter Bunny Bloodbath” Arrives with Goodies in Time to Celebrate the Holidays

Richard Mogg, who’s become a favorite director of SRS the last few years (see “Masssage Parlor of Death”, “Teenage Slumber Party Nightmare”, “Bangin’ Vengeance”), is back, this time with his first, and possibly his best, film, “Easter Bunny Bloodbath”.  The movie, which has only been available on a very limited basis so far, hatches on limited edition Blu-Ray, DVD and VHS, with a VOD option in time for Easter viewing.


“1967, young Peter McKay’s sister is decapitated by an ax wielding maniac dressed as the Easter Bunny.  Peter never celebrates the Easter holiday again… that is until we flash forward to present day 1987.  It’s here, in an isolated cabin deep in the woods, Peter and his five friends enjoy their weekend away.  It’s a nice few days of partying, beer and water slides.  But something white and fuzzy lurks between the trees this holiday season.  And it’s hacking, stomping, slashing and hopping its way down a bunny trail of severed limbs and bleeding bodies…”

Easter Bunny Massacre2

“Easter Bunny Bloodbath” begins pre-sales this Sunday night, 3/6/16, at 7pm EST.  This will be for the advance sales of the Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray/DD combo, DVD, DVD/DD combo and VHS.   Digital Download (DD) codes will be sent out approx a week before Easter.  Blu-Rays and DVDs are limited to just 50, and VHS limited to just 25.  Also, as an added bonus, the first 25 orders in any format will get this near bonus signed (by director Richard Mogg) Press Booklet from the movie!

Grab your copies like you’re hunting for hidden colored eggs at the following links once live:




An international (ie unlimited) DVD/VOD/DD release won’t be available until 2017, and once these copies sell out it will be completely unavailable in all formats except VOD until then.

Now dig on the 1980s-style trailer:

Stay Bloody!!!

Easter Bunny Massacre poster

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