The Boy (2016) … Toys & Boys

Thanks to EvilQueenB for this review of the recently released, THE BOY!!


I always get excited when horror comes to the big screen. Granted I don’t get to see as many horror films in the theatre as I would like. However, I did get a chance to check out the newly released THE BOY.

The Boy3

THE BOY, directed by William Brent Bell, tells the story of Greta (Laura Cohen), an American girl running from her past, who takes a job as a nanny to a young boy in the isolated English countryside. Upon arriving, Greta is introduced to her charge, a little boy who is a living doll… more ways than one.

The Boy1

I was eager to see this flick since I’m a fan of Lauren Cohan (THE WALKING DEAD) and creepy dolls are usually guaranteed to take the creep factor in a horror movie up a notch. So, going into the film I had slightly higher than normal exceptions, which sadly could have been my downfall.

The Boy2

Although it’s filmed quite beautifully with the grey tones and the over abundance of impending doom it never quite delivers in any of the areas of horror that it should. The script moved at a steady pace, although the film still felt slow in delivery. There were the standard few jump scares while the rest of the film was riddled with horror tropes. Nothing was fully taken as far as it could have been. Even the general harassment of Brahms to Greta was weak and uneventful. There were a few twists and turns in the script, but I couldn’t help thinking that I had seen this all played out before. Sadly, this is nothing more than a hodgepodge of other horror movies you have already seen that were done better. Looking back on the film to re-evaluate its elements and to make sense of it, the common denominator I came away with was “What was the point of it all?” Which I felt could have easily been answered if certain key plot elements were explained more thoroughly. In the end the viewer is left assuming too much in order to make the plot work. This film does nothing original to set itself apart from the pack…..rather it ends up being a movie you shouldn’t play with.

The Boy4

What did you think of THE BOY? Let me know @horrorevilqueen

Stay Bloody!!!

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One Response to “The Boy (2016) … Toys & Boys”
  1. Marielaine says:

    Maybe there should be a doll horror fest. I wonder just how many dolls, puppets, stuffed dolls are in horror.
    Stay bloody doll.


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