Can’t Wait to See Zombie’s Upcoming 31? You Might Want to Wait


Rob Zombie might make modern day horror films that make you think, are gory, disturbing, and downright scary, but Zombie probably finds nothing more terrifying than going up against the MPAA!! Zombie went more than a few rounds with he MPAA with his new film, 31. The MPAA slapped a big old NC-17 rating on it and Zombie had to give in and cut some of the gore from it in order to attain an R-rating. What’s so important about not having an NC-17 rating? An NC-17 rating is pretty much a death knell for any film that wants a theatrical run. No theater will touch an NC-17 film simply because there won’t be a whole lot of people seeing it. So Zombie did what any filmmaker would do and he gave in and cut the required footage in order to attain the R-rating.

31 1

But don’t worry, gore hounds–Zombie already promised fans that all the cut gore will be available in an Unrated Director’s Cut DVD:

31 tweet

Zombie went on to further assure his fans that 31 is still the film he wanted to make:

The movie was partially crowd-funded. I in no way could raise enough to make the entire film. So money came from many sources. I broke no contract because at no time did I say I was releasing an NC17 movie. Trust me if I did, everyone would be pissed because the film would be playing nowhere. Nothing is watered down, this is the game we play to make movies.

31 2

I, for one, am a huge fan of Rob Zombie’s movie career and will support 31 in the theaters, and then I’ll go buy the Unrated Director’s Cut DVD. I’m gonna have my cake and eat it too.

What do you think? Will you see this film in the theater knowing that some of the material had to be cut in order to attain an R-rating?

Stay Bloody!!!

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