7 Horror Animals That Are Available for Adoption

‘Tis the season for gift giving and some may be wanting and/or getting a new pet. Animal shelters are overrun with dogs, cats, puppies and kittens looking for their forever home and horror film animals are no exception. Here are some animals that are up for adoption due to supernatural, vampire or demonic possession circumstances and need their forever home.

Cujo – CUJO

Cujo was given to the shelter due to his owners failure to properly vaccinate him. He is currently receiving treatment and will be ready for adoption soon. Cujo would be a great addition to your family, although he currently has a drooling and foaming issue, but with patience and extra absorbent towels, he’ll soon be ready to leap through the window and into your heart.

animals cujo


Max is an advanced breed rottweiler, who’s loyal all the way through his genetically altered body. He was recently taken from an animal activist that kidnapped him, but sadly this did not work out for the owner or anyone around her. Max is very protective of his owner so, if you are looking for a great guard dog or a killing machine then Max is the dog for you.

animals man's best friend

Siberian Husky – THE THING

This gorgeous husky was found in the snow after he ran away from his Norwegian research crew, but sadly all those members were killed by a mysterious unknown thing. He is a sweet and cuddly dog, although he shouldn’t be left alone. It also appears that other dogs do not get along with him. But, don’t let that discourage you from making him part of your family because he will blend right in!

animals The Thing


This poor cat has been to Hell and back and could use a nice and loving home. His name is Church and he came to the shelter due to his owners burying family members in the local Pet Semetary. Due to his circumstances, he’s a bit aggressive with others and he doesn’t like any food or treats that are steak flavored. But, with some tender loving care and constant supervision this little guy could be your new best friend.

animals pet sematary

Zombie Doberman – RESIDENT EVIL

We are calling him Zomb and he recently escaped from the Umbrella Corporation where we believe they were doing research experiments on him. Which is why we really want him to find his forever home. He is a bit aggressive due to everything he has been through, but with some gentle guidance and a firm hand, Zomb could be a new resident in your home.

animals resident evil

Rottweiler – THE OMEN

This big boy will move Heaven and Hell for you….but probably mostly Hell. This Hellhound came to the shelter due to an unfortunate accident with his previous owner, who happened to be an American Ambassador. We are currently calling him Omen and he is great with kids, especially those who are on a demonic path. He is available for adoption and would make a great addition to any God fearing family.

animals omen


This big bag of fluff is looking for his forever home. Nanook was given to the shelter after his owner’s home was demolished by vampires. He is a great ball of energy, who is always on high alert to protect his family from the undead. He has your typical Alaskan Malamute behavior and would make a great addition to your clan.

animals lost boys

If you are considering a dog or cat this holiday season, please consider adopting from a shelter. If you can’t adopt then consider a donation or just volunteer your time to them. You can make a difference!

Let me know which horror film animal you would like to adopt on Twitter @horrorevilqueen

Stay Bloody!!!


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