EvilQueenB’s Horrific Guide To Black Christmas Shopping

EvilQueenB just made you Black Friday shopping experience all the more easy with a list of suggestions on where to find the perfect gift for the horror fan in your life. She’s truly a lifesaver!! — Anything Horror Scott


It’s that time of year again, when we as horror fans, must suffer with the end of October and move forward to the brutality of the Christmas season. So, I wanted to try and make it a bit more easier for you by sharing some of my favorite places to find collectibles, apparel and more online and for those braving the holiday crowds….remember stick to the moors!


Entertainment Earth Do you have family and friends with varying areas of fandom who you want to get them something special, but you don’t want to endure the hassle of running all over hell’s half acre trying to find them something. Well, then this is the site for you! They have all things geek, which is sure to put an evil grin on the most hardcore friends on your list. I will tell you that there are so many items on this site that it can be a bit overwhelming, but if you navigate to the already established horror section it should be smooth sailing from there. Special Offers – Daily, Weekly and Monthly Specials Currently up to 95% off in their Pre-Black Sale.


Big Bad Toys If you want figures and collectibles well then checkout this site! From NECA, Funko, Square Enix and more this place has a little bit of everything including a life size egg & face hugger! Now if that doesn’t scream Happy Holidays I don’t know what does! If you can’t find a figure to put under the severed tree then you can pick up a graphic novel or some apparel items. Either way this site can help with those black Christmas blues. Special Offers – Deep Discounts & Black Friday Sale on Transformers.


Sideshow Collectibles If you want to drop some serious coin on that special someone or just yourself (hey, we’ve all been there). Then checkout Sideshow Collectibles for some absolutely drool worthy statues (the Hellraiser Pinhead statue makes me want to sell my plasma just to own it)! Although it’s superhero heavy I love that they didn’t forget about horror with their Predator, Rick Grimes, Dracula, Court of Death, as well as a new Alien girl statue and many more, none of the items on their site will need a gift receipt attached to them. Now, if some of the statues are a little too rich for your blood, most have payment plans…..so now there are no excuses to celebrate with a Sideshow Collectible this holiday season! Special Offers – Sign up for their newsletter and receive $15 off your purchase.



Horrormerch.com What’s a horror fan without her horror merch! I first came across them at a Horrorhound convention and I really loved their items, large in part because they were the only place selling girly fit shirts, which is basically the equivalent of finding the Holy Grail in horror girl land. Pretty much any shirt they have you can get in a variety of apparel choices from long-sleeve, hooded sweatshirts and tank tops, which is a rare find. What is also great about their site is there seems to be a never ending variety of all things horror you can purchase. You can’t go wrong this horrific holiday season when purchasing from them and the horror fiend in your life will thank you. Special Offers – Buy 3 Shirts, get 1 Free or Buy 5 shirts, get 2 Free.


Superherostuff.com I know what you are saying, “But Evil this a horror shopping article not a superhero shopping article!” I actually came across this place when I was at C2E2 several years ago, not only is their set up massive, but they have stuff for every nerd including horror nerds (hey we are rarely included in anything)! Their horror selection isn’t just t-shirts, it also has magnets, glassware, wallets, bags and more. This site has an abundance of everything nerdy for the holidays and like Entertainment Earth it’s one stop shopping for those that have several fandoms on their list. Their items are unique, fun and they also run different shipping and discount deals throughout the year. You can’t go wrong with a trip to this site. Special Offers – 13% off orders $35+.


Thinkgeek.com This a great place if you are looking for some exclusive geek gifts to give. Although their horror section is rather small consisting of zombies and The Walking Dead there are still some great holiday items to be found. Special Offers – 20% off orders of $40+ (until Nov 24th), Doorbusters & Free Shipping on Orders over $75.


Fright-rags.com This is one of the best places to find those one of a kind crafted horror shirts. Instead of just poster images or screenshot these horror shirts have been taken to a new level, that you really have to see for yourself. Their inventory including girl shirts, horror shirt collections that consist of Day of the Dead, Trick r Treat, Halloween and more as well as posters, hats, socks, stickers and more. I’ll warn you choosing what to purchase will be a hard decision to make. Special Offers – Join their mailing list and get 10% off your first purchase.


Teefury The t-shirt a day concept is a great one and I’ve enjoyed picking up those unusual and creative shirts. What some may not have realized is that they also house a huge collection of shirts, which includes horror t-shirts, horror zip-up hoodies and horror artwork. If their horror section doesn’t tickle your dismembered brain then check out their Villain collection, which also consists of horror villains, because all villains need a loving home this holiday season. Special Offers 30% off leggings.


Hot Topic – Sure it’s the Gothic wasteland that teenagers worship and parents loathe, but even at my age (yes I’m old) I still love the store. I like that once you get past the mind numbing blaring music (hey I said I was old) their various fandoms are nicely sectioned out and even with all the Harry Potter, Anime, Doctor Who and Batman, horror is still there loud and proud. With Supernatural, American Horror Story as well as horror icons Jason and Freddy, you can always find that special someone something horrifying.  Specials Offered – 25% off Clearance (online only), $15 in Hot Cash for every $30 Spent and Buy One Get One 50% (in-store only)


Home Decor:

allposters.com We have all been there where you want to give someone a really nice gift, but you are low on funds and maybe ideas too. This site is a great place to pick up a great piece of horror art at a low price. If you also wanted to jazz it up, you can take advantage of their framing and matting services or you can, go to your local Hobby Lobby (or other craft store), which usually has their frames 50% off or higher off, pick up a matte, which usually only runs a few dollars, put them all together and you have a really amazingly matted and framed piece of horror art for that special horror friend in your life. Specials Offered – Currently none, but they usually do daily discounts so check back.


Horrordecor – If you are looking for some rare horror decor that screams I bleed for horror then horrordecor.net is the place for you. With pillows, candles and more, it’s like a small slice of Martha Stewart, if Martha Stewart had homicidal tendencies. You will want to note that their items are custom and can take up 3-4 weeks to receive so get ordering now! Special Offers- Currently none available.


Let me know where you will be shopping this Black Christmas season. If you need additional gift giving ideas, you can always give the gift of games. Check out these Christmas-themed games. I’d love to hear from you. Hit me up on Twitter @horrorevilqueen


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