Il Sonnambulo Coming This Halloween

The three part web series, IL SONNAMBULO, is preparing for its launch on October 31, 2015. First made famous on Eli Roth’s Crypt TV HalloVine series, IL SONNAMBULO is directed by Douglas Rath, written by Douglas and Hannah Rath, and stars Dean Christie, Elizabeth Moynihan, Ross Mullan, Gillian MacGregor, Natalie Burtney, Donald Ian Black, Elizabeth Ita, and Rob McLoughlin. Check out the press release, which contains the plot crunch, for more details:

Il Sonnambulo1

First Trailer for Douglas Rath’s Il Sonnambulo

Unleashed by Myth Factory Films

Web Series First Teased by Eli Roth’s Crypt TV

Follows an Obsessed Photographer Made Famous 

Photographing Serial Killer’s Victims

Los Angeles, CA – Myth Factory Films has debuted the first trailer for their new web series, Il Sonnambulo, ahead of its October 31 launch.  Written and directed by Douglas Rath (director of last year’s horror-comedy hit Shock Value), the as-of-now three part series follows a photographer made famous by crime scene photos relentlessly pursuing the shadowy killer who brought him his gory renown. 

First teased on Eli Roth’s Crypt TV HalloVine series, Il Sonnambulo stars Dean Christie (The Trial), Elizabeth Moynihan (TV’s “Vikings”), and Ross Mullan (“Game of Thrones”, “Doctor Who”). The first chapter, titled “The End of Everything”, of the compelling dark drama will be released on Halloween, with subsequent volumes being unleashed in the following weeks.

Il Sonnambulo poster

Like a faded shock rocker clinging on to the vestiges of a world that has moved on, Atticus Hurst – fêted photographer, infamous provocateur – has been living on the after-glow of fame. Locked into a dangerously symbiotic relationship with his muse, Il Sonnambulo, an almost mythological killer, Atticus is always tipped off by a mysterious, random caller (who never survives) at precisely 2:37 am the night of the killings. First on the scene he has found fortune – and infamy – photographing Il Sonnambulo’s atrocities. Over three decades he has traversed the globe documenting them all. The last seven years has been quiet for Il Sonnambulo – and Hurst – yet despite Atticus’s fading notoriety, his ambition to hunt Il Sonnambulo has not.

Il Sonnambulo3

Cutting through the din of empty, drug-binging anarchy, a call at 2.37am ushers Atticus back to the world of very real horror-show crime scenes, this time cropping up in London, scarring the civilized world’s collective consciousness. Reluctantly enlisting help from Roberto, an ambitious hacker turned journalist hoping to crack the darkly glittering façade of Atticus’s celebrity, the two endeavor to track down Il Sonnambulo: a mission that confronts them with crimes of unprecedented savagery, and a haunting from Atticus’s past that he never could have imagined.

As the two are drawn into the dark corners of London where the grotesque tableau are found, veritable Doré etchings of death, oblivion and futility await them. This nihilistic romp will either consecrate Hurst’s legacy or burn them both to the ground.

Look for IL SONNAMBULO on October 31, 2015, and talk about becoming obsessed, be sure to check out the game, Swords and Souls. I dare you to try and stop playing it once you’ve began!!

Stay Bloody!!!

Il Sonnambulo4


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