USB Flash Drives: A Writer’s Essential Tool!!

One of the worst things a writer can go through is realizing the five thousand words you just wrote over the last six hours has vanished due to some glitch on your computer. Talk about wanting to jump off a building!! This being said, one of the most important tools for any writer is anything that can safely and securely back up your work. Services like and are good, but they are still online services, and there’s always a potential for another glitch that can ruin a writer’s week.

flash drive1

For my writings, I like to use one of the above services for backup, but I also use USB flash drives. And since I use them, why not personalize them? I came across UBS Memory Direct and was immediately attracted to their personalized flash drives. They’ve got tons of different styles, and you can even create your own custom shape. It only took me a few minutes from the time I logged onto their website until my order was completed, and in two days time I had my own personalized 8 gig USB flash drives. I opted for the wristband style so I can always have my backed up writings with me.

Check this company out. It is also a great way to get some eyes on your business.

Stay Bloody!!!

flash drive2

flash drive3

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