5 Must See Subtitled Horror Films on Netflix

by EvilQueenB

I have touted the greatest of subtitled horror films, although most people are quick to dismiss them. With reactions being no one wants to read and watch a horror film at the same time! Well these 5 films will help re-evaluate your thoughts on subtitled films by showing you horror comes in all different film forms!

Please note some of these trailers have been English dubbed, but these are subtitled on Netflix.


This Korean film tells the story of a secret agent whose fiancee is killed by a serial killer. Consumed with rage and grief, Kim Soo-Hyeon goes on a sadistic rampage in order to track down the killer. This film is bloody, gory, suspenseful and has one of the best endings I’ve seen in a long time.

THE HORDE (2009)

This French film tells the story of a group of less than lawful police officers looking for revenge against a gang who murdered their colleague. What starts out as a strategic plan turns into a bloody fight for survival against a horde of zombies. The film is fast paced, action packed and gives a new spin on zombies.

HIGH LANE (2009)

When a group of friends go rock climbing in a closed off part of Croatia they get more than they bargained for when their only way back home is destroyed and they end up being hunted in the forest. Although this is not a new concept in horror of stranded friends in a forest being hunted it is however one of the better done horror films on the subject.

DEAD SNOW (2009)

A group of friend’s snow getaway is interrupted by a group of Nazi zombies. This Norwegian film is a great installment in the zombie genre. It’s fun, it’s blood soaked and the sequel, DEAD SNOW: RED VS. DEAD is a rare example of sequel that is better than the first film (plus it isn’t subtitled).


The [REC] franchise to me is one of the best foreign subtitled series in the horror genre. If you haven’t watched the first 3 films I recommend watching those first and then moving on to this newest installment. Angela the reporter from the [REC] and [REC] 2 returns, but she is now quarantined on a boat, but she is not alone in this voyage. Even with a 4th installment, this series is still going strong and how many American horror films can say that!

Did EvilQueenB miss any great subtitled horror on Netflix? Let us know!!

Stay Bloody!!!

One Response to “5 Must See Subtitled Horror Films on Netflix”
  1. Great choices. I Saw The Devil is fantastic. And need to check out High Lane


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