17 Fun Horror Trivia Facts

by EvilQueenB

Horror is littered with fun facts, folklore and urban legends so what better way to celebrate the month of horror than with some fun horror trivia.

1. During pre-production of JAWS producers believed you could just capture a great white shark and train it to do the shark stunts in the film.

Trivia01 jaws

2.In Steven Jay Schneider’s book 101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die, it does not list either Ridley Scott’s ALIEN nor James Cameron’s ALIENS.

3. PET SEMATARY’s, Victor Pascow (played by Brad Greenquist), the runner who was struck by a truck, killed and came back to warn Louis Creed is categorized as a zombie in John Landis’s Book of Monsters.

4. In Michael Bay’s remake of the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, Jessica Biel’s character, Erin was actually suppose to be pregnant. In a deleted scene she tells Kemper before they pick up the female hitchhiker. It was scrapped because they felt Biel’s character being pregnant and battling Leatherface would not garner a good audience reaction. This was also done for the shark film DEEP BLUE SEA, Jacqueline McKenzie, who played Janice Higgins was also pregnant, but again that scene was left on the cutting room floor for fear of audience reaction of a pregnant woman being killed by a shark.

Trivia02 TCM

5. Although many think that Tim Burton directed THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, it is actually just based off his story and characters, but it was Henry Selick who directed the film.

6. In FROM DUSK TIL DAWN, when Salma Hayek is dancing on the table in front of George Clooney you can see George Clooney raise up his hands in an attempt to brace Salma because he thought she was going to fall off the table.

7. Neil Marshall director of THE DESCENT, DOG SOLDIERS and DOOMSDAY directed an episode of the tv show HANNIBAL (Season 3) entitled “The Great Red Dragon.”

Trivia03 Hannibal

8. Robert Kirkman has stated in interviews had he known the success that THE WALKING DEAD would have achieved he would have not killed Shane off so early in the comic.

9. Bill Moseley from HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA and countless other horror films graduated from Yale University.

10. Fede Alvarez, director of THE EVIL DEAD remake used a huge amount of practical effects for the film and only used CGI in order to remove equipment or anything else that was used during the practical effects,

11. HATCHET II director, Adam Green used 136 gallons of fake blood for the movie.

Trivia04 Hatchet

12. Margaret Hamilton who played the iconic Wicked Witch of the West in THE WIZARD OF OZ, also played Morticia Addams’s mother in episodes 2 (“Morticia’s Romance Part 1”), 3 (“Morticia’s Romance Part 2”) and 22 (“Happy Birthday Grandpa Frump”) of THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

13. Bruce Campbell from EVIL DEAD fame had a bit part as a guardsman in OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL.

"OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL" Bruce Campbell ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

14. Elsa Lanchester, who played the iconic Bride in THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN was an oscar nominated actress for the movies COME TO THE STABLE and WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION.

15. The lips in the opening of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW are Patricia Quinn’s, who played Magenta.

16. Kevin Grevioux, who played Raze, Lucian’s second in command, in the Vampire Lycan franchise, UNDERWORLD actually created the series and holds a degree in microbiology and studied genetic engineering in graduate school.

17. HELLRAISER’s Pinhead’s original name was Priest.

Trivia06 Pinhead

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Stay Bloody!!!

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