Watch Let Me See Your Eyes in its Entirety

Let Me See Your Eyes posterOne of my favorite short films I watched this year, LET ME SEE YOUR EYES, which has had a very successful festival run, is now available to watch in its entirety. Directed by Anything Horror fav, Derek Cole, written by Jack Nathan Harding, and starring Harding and Stephen Twardokus, LET ME SEE YOUR EYES is one of those short films that leaves an impression (see my review here). Check out the plot summary below followed by the short film in its entirety. Let me know what you think in the comments below:

It’s ‘every man for himself’ in this post-apocalyptic world, where a biological mistake has turned most of the population into animalistic eating machines. And that’s just fine with R.J. As a matter of fact, this proud hermit has adapted well to the new world order. He’s even got heat, food, and a rare clean water source. For three years, R.J. has contentedly spent his days in a dark, cramped, and heavily barricaded room, drinking tea and reading paperback westerns by candlelight. One night R.J.’s routine is disrupted when he warily lets in a desperate young stranger. He soon realizes the person he let in may be more dangerous that anything he’s been trying to keep out.

Stay Bloody!!!

Let Me See Your Eyes1

2 Responses to “Watch Let Me See Your Eyes in its Entirety”
  1. Marie elaine says:

    Let me see your eye….Kind of felt a little like a twigh light zone story. It is very well told. Enough information and visual to let you ponder what is going on and who is what. Definitely worth a watch or two. Thank you. Have always loved short stories and films. They maybe short but they leave you with so much…..


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