Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival Announces Feature Films Selections

Check out the following press release announcing the feature films selected for the upcoming Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, Friday, November 6, 2015 through Thursday, November 12, 2015.




Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival has announced the lineup of feature films for its 2015 season.  The festival runs eight days, with a special 3-D screening of Aztec Blood at Flix Stadium 10 on Thursday, November 5th, and the festival proper at Eastern Hills Cinemas Friday, November 6th – Thursday, November 12th.  Buffalo Dreams showcases genre films from around the world and supports local filmmakers.  This year’s filmmaker guests include Christopher G. Giroux and Chad Archibald from Black Fawn Films, presenting the body horror sensation Bite; actress Debbie Rochon, presenting her directorial debut, Model Hunger (filmed in Buffalo); Isaac Ezban, screening an encore of his acclaimed first feature El Incidente (“The Incident”) in a filmmaker retrospective that includes his short film Cosas Feas; local filmmakers Aceifer and Fawn Genovese, unleashing The Outlaw: Virus; and Paige K. Davis from distributor Alternative Cinema.  In addition, co-chairs Gregory Lamberson and Chris Scioli promise two “special surprise features” which they cannot yet announce.  In total, the festival will screen 23 features, and 100 films in total.

Buffalo valley

“This year we received over 300 submissions,” says Lamberson,  “and we plan to show one third of them.  Making our final selections has never been so challenging; even with an expanded eight-day schedule we couldn’t show everything we liked.  In the end, we’ve programmed according to our mission statement, with a mixture of North American, international, and local features.  We’re excited about this lineup, and can’t wait to announce our two surprise features.” 

Buffalo frankenstein

Official Selections in the music video, micro-short, short and medium length film categories, as well as the finalists in the original screenplay competition, will be announced next week. 

North American Features

Aztec Blood (US, horror) – Special 3D kickoff at Flix Stadium 10 on Thurs Nov. 5th

Buffalo hellThe Beautiful Ones (US, action/crime drama)

Bite (Canada, horror)

Counter Clockwise (US, SF)

Holy Hell (Canada, bizarro)

Late Night Double Feature (Canada, horror)

Old 37 (US, horror)

Pete’s All Stars (US, sports drama)

Parallel (US, SF)

Project M (Canada, SF)

Valley of the Sasquatch (US, horror)

International Features

Buffalo AustraliensAustraliens (Australia, SF comedy)

Crushed (Australia, thriller)

A Dark Rome (Italy, thriller)

El Incidente/The Incident (Mexico, SF; non-competition encore)

Western New York Features

Dick Johnson & Tommygun vs. the Cannibal Cop (action/comedy/horror)

Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster (experimental horror)

Killer Rack (horror comedy, non-competition)

Stand Off (action/horror)

Model Hunger (filmed in Buffalo; non-competition)

Sugar Wonder Blues (drama)


If you’re in the area, check it out. Lots of great films on this list that I’m looking forward to checking out once they become available.

Stay Bloody!!!

Buffalo clocks

Buffalo parallel


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