15 Horror Movies to Watch this Halloween Season

EvilQueenB as Arkham Harley Quinn

EvilQueenB as Arkham Harley Quinn

I’m really excited to introduce to you EvilQueenB–someone who I hope will be a frequent contributor to Anything Horror in the coming weeks and months. Besides being a great writer, EvilQueenB is also a diehard horror fan from a young age and fits in perfectly with Deggsy and myself. EvilQueenB is currently fast at work writing an article about the found footage genre, and while she’s putting the finishing touches on that article, she sent me over this tasty little morsel of her favorite films to watch every Halloween season. Be sure to check out EvilQueenB’s bio at the end of her article, and to check out her other sites and social media pages!!

EvilQueenB’s first article is about her favorite horror movies to watch during the Halloween season. It is a great list and includes many films that I too enjoy every year around Halloween. And to make the Halloween season even more fun, enjoy playing a bunch of Halloween-themed games. Just click here for more info.

Welcome, EvilQueenB. You are the female voice of horror I’ve been looking for!!!


15 Horror Movies to Watch this Halloween Season

by EvilQueenB

We are just a few days away from the most glorious horror filled month of the year…..October. The month of horror always spawns horror themed festivities, horror oriented food, decorations, costumes, art and of course horror movie watching!

In the last few years I have participated in the 31 Day Horror Movie Challenge. This is a great opportunity for horror watching and what better way to jumpstart the season then to recommend 15 horror movies that you should watch this season. Now I know what you’re thinking “But, B October is 31 days why aren’t you recommending 31 horror movies?” Because October is the greatest opportunity month for you to really expand out your horror watching, by watching horror that you have never seen, re-visit classics, try out a new sub-genre or view a forgotten horror film…..the remaining 16 films are in your bloody hands!

This month is also a great opportunity for horror fans to really show their love of horror by suggesting great horror to those that are not familiar with the genre. I have found the reason why most do not like horror is because they are misinformed about what the genre is really about. What better time than October to help a first time horror viewer have a great experience. Who knows maybe some of my suggestions can help open that horror door!

  1. EvilQueenB as Cassie Hack!!

    EvilQueenB as Cassie Hack!!


  2. Dog Soldiers

  3. The Babadook

  4. Affliction

  5. Housebound

  6. The Shining

  7. Evil Dead (remake)

  8. Silence of the Lambs

  9. Shaun of the Dead

  10. American Mary

  11. Eden Lake

  12. Frontiers (subtitled)

  13. Psycho (original)

  14. Creepshow

  15. [REC] (subtitled)

Did I miss something on the list (because it’s really hard to pick just 15)? Let me know what I missed or what you’re planning to watch this Halloween season by hitting me up @horrorevilqueen


EvilQueenB’s Bio:

I’ve been a loud and proud horror fan since the age of 8. My favorite horror film is Jaw, with my favorite sub-genre being creature features. I love all things horror….movies, comics, video games, art, figures and everything else in between. To further show my love of horror I cosplay at horror conventions and comic cons. I believe that horror is a genre for everyone and I want to help dispel a lot of the misconceptions it has! I have my own horror blog Welcome to the Asylum: You Know You’re Certifiable and I also write for The London Horror Society. My Twitter & Instagram pages are usually always horror filled!

Stay Bloody!!!

EvilQueenB (middle) with the Soska Sisters

EvilQueenB (middle) with the Soska Sisters

2 Responses to “15 Horror Movies to Watch this Halloween Season”
  1. I’m not sure if this one is considered Horror or not but Street Trash is a must. You want to turn it off but you just can’t.


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