Your Top 5 Horror Movies & Sub-Genres of All Time

I think by now it is clear what some of my favorite horror movies are. The original DAWN OF THE DEAD, EVIL DEAD 2, MARTYRS, RE-ANIMATOR, and CANNIBAL FEROX definitely preoccupy my thoughts, and are the classics that I always go back to whenever I need to watch a classic horror film. I’m also a huge fan of the zombie, Lovecraftian, Italian cannibal, and werewolf sub-genres.


But what about all of you? I want to know what some of your favorite horror movies and sub-genres are!! Sound off in the comments section below. Tell me your all time favorite horror films of all time. You can either rank them i order or just list them as I did above. Also tell me your favorite sub-genre. There’s going to be some big changes to over the next four months and I want to involve all of you–my loyal readers–in those changes.

Looking forward to reading all your choices!!

7 Responses to “Your Top 5 Horror Movies & Sub-Genres of All Time”
  1. Katie says:

    Martyrs is definitely my all time favorite. But there’s also a special place in my heart for the Halloween movies and Friday the 13th movies. And I love Giallo. I tend to watch most zombie films and any movie that seems to blend sci-fi and horror. It’s always amazing to me the diversity in the horror genre. And I love learning about new films as well as sub-genres.


  2. Angelea Carter says:

    My all time favorite horror movies are Halloween, Dracula, Night of the Living Dead, Amityville Horror and Carrie. I also love the Zombie, Vampire and Werewolf sub genres. Happy Halloween everyone!


  3. Xenolicker says:

    1-Nurse 3D, 2-Texas Chainsaw 3D, 3-Piranha 3DD, 4-Prometheus (3D), 5-The Second Coming (3D) Favourite sub-genre: 3D…?


  4. Dinglebobman says:

    My top 5 are
    Body horror movie the fly 1986
    Body horror movie American werewolf in london
    Horror movie stung
    Horror movie zombeavers
    The last one which scared the living shit out of me which is digging up the marrow


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