Queen Crab Skitters to DVD

Heat up the butter and go get an extra large bib, because QUEEN CRAB is coming from Wild Eye Releasing!! QUEEN CRAB is written and directed by Brett Piper–the man behind such classics as A NYMPHOID BARBARIAN IN DINOSAUR HELL, SHOCK-O-RAMA, and BACTERIUM–and stars Michelle Simone MillerKathryn MetzRich Lounello, A.J. DeLucia, Steve Diasparra, Danielle Donahue, and Ken Van Sant. Check out the press release:

Queen Crab Rises from the Deep

Wild Eye Frees the Beast on DVD & VOD September 29th

New York, NY – Wild Eye Releasing has announced the September 29th DVD and VOD release of Queen Crab.  The latest film from cult auteur Brett Piper (They Bite, The Screaming Dead, Raiders of the Living Dead) Queen Crab is a loving, action-packed tribute to the classic days of practical stop-motion animation, evoking the days of Ray Harryhausen creature features.  

Queen Crab poster


A meteor crashes into a quiet lake in the remote countryside, awakening a centuries-old beast.  She emerges from the deep and tears through a nearby town and its inhabitants.  The humans must fight for their lives and stop this Queen Crab before she can hatch an army of babies that will overrun the entire world.

The September 29th DVD release of Queen Crab (SRP $19.95) will exclusively include a feature-length director’s commentary, special effects featurettes, a behind the scenes featurette, a blooper reel and trailers.

Check out the trailer:

I think that pretty much says it all!! You can order QUEEN CRAB on Amazon right here.

Stay Bloody!!!

Queen Crab4

Queen Crab6

Queen Crab5

Queen Crab1

Queen Crab2

Queen Crab3


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