Next Installment of the Zombie Chronicles to Begin Shooting October 2015

Indie horror filmmaker and photographer extraordinaire, Marvin Suarez, is currently in pre-production, prepping the next installment of his ongoing short film series, ZOMBIE CHRONICLES. I came across Suarez’s first installment, ZOMBIE CHRONICLES: THE INFECTED, back in 2010 and have been a fan of his since. The second and third films in the ZOMBIE CHRONICLES series will be released on Vimeo this October 2015, just in time for Halloween. October will also be the month Suarez begins shooting part four, titled, ZOMBIE CHRONICLES: BEDTIME STORY.


Suarez has started an IndieGoGo campaign for ZOMBIE CHRONICLES: BEDTIME STORY. You know I don’t support just any crowd-funding page that crosses my desk. I only get behind those projects that I know have the talent backing them up to make it successful. Check out the plot crunch for the third installment, ZOMBIE CHRONICLES: BEDTIME STORY:

The NYPD investigate a 911 call from a kid about a murder from inside a home. They soon realize that the murder victim has vanished and are being stalked by both the killer and the dead victim.  Trapped, with no way out and no communication during the start of a Zombie pandemic, they must use their witt to escape the horror which awaits them.


Be sure to check out Suarez’s IndieGoGo campaign page and see what Suarez has to offer–besides delivering another kick ass zombie short. In the meantime, you can check out the first ZOMBIE CHRONICLES on Vimeo on Demand and on Amazon.

Stay Bloody!!!



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